Friday, June 13, 2008

the band & other people

Who knows when it actually started. The freaknoids. Just a couple of guys who thought they'd start a band.

Casey started out as drummer, but then went to base guitar and lead singer.

Benny didn't have it in him to play the lead so he took over the drums.

Spencer is on the keyboard. What more could a band want.

Keith is Spencer's older brother who finally found Spencer.

Cory was the last to join the band. They needed more something. So if he's not playing guitar he's managing all those little instruments he doesn't really know the names of.

Ali however, is the only girl member of the band.

Ste: From the UK who is a friend of Cameron's in the music business.

Cameron: a musican that Sarah knows from another band on tour.

Ka-Rad aka Todd: a trans-gender friend of Lucy's. But they are more than friends. Unfortunately, he was Spencer's boyfriend until Lucy got pregnant.

Nina is someone new that Casey met who is in the journalism world.

Craig is Todd's brother who moved back from California. He is a bit mysterious.

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Holly said...

Oh..I so love Benny and of course, Cory!