Thursday, July 22, 2010


Ka-Rad was feeling cozy. He liked Benny's laugh. They sat there in the van with the windows open as if they'd be lost, otherwise. They shared his homemade cigarette.

"I'm feeling pretty good." Ka-Rad might have sang, but with this buzz, smiling was about all he could do. Ka-Rad handed the cigarette to Spencer. He looked at Spencer in the moonlight. Spencer took up the seat in front of them.

Ka-Rad slid his fingers back through his hair as he stared at Spencer who was awful quiet. It was like he didn't have a buzz at all. Ka-Rad felt a little sorry for him. Next thing he knew was Benny's hand coming across his cheek and his laughter filled Ka-Rad's mouth as Benny was trying to kiss him. Not the most romantic moment he'd ever encountered. But Ka-Rad finally found his plush lip and kissed him properly as he wanted to be kissed. But there in the dark he saw Spencer's stare and suddenly he knew. He knew who's real feelings were hurt.

Benny suddenly turned away in the middle of a French moment and belched so loud. He shook with laughter then.

"Yeah, that was lovely." Ka-Rad just said. He got the cigarette back from Spencer then and took a long drag. It was clearly a damn miserable time for both he and Spencer. Ka-Rad had to settle for a smoke.


Syed (dapper kid) said...

Poor Spencer!

Holly said...

I'm glad Ka-Rad noticed that about Spencer.

meg said...

What a moment, though. Made me smile. I think Ka-rad is a good guy.

ellie said...

I luved this one!

ori said...

oh, goodness

cass and cady said...

Poor Spencer.