Thursday, September 23, 2010


Maybe the third time was a charm.

"It just didn't feel right the first time." Lucy told Ka-Rad.

"Yeah, well, I was using a condom then." Ka-Rad looked up at her. She was on top of him studying his nose. Actually.

"It was weird. Like not natural." She squinted. She didn't like the missionary position. She'd decided this was her favorite. She wasn't sure it was his. Possibly. She touched his abs then. First he'd been so ticklish now he wasn't. Perhaps he was used to her bruises too. He wasn't being all stressed about it now. Of course, it was morning. The sun shown like bliss through the curtains. And she could see his body much more clearly. There was hardly a bit of hair on his chest, but he could use a shave.

"You should grow a beard." She grinned as she pushed at his sides and moved ever so slightly to nudge what was inside her that she knew was alive. She noticed how he closed his eyes and how his mouth was so plush. She laid across him then and kissed him slowly as if this was done best very carefully. She smiled when she felt the help of his thumb to make her want him more. She felt herself melt with joy. Yeah, she knew what was happening now, and it was happening to him too.


molly said...

OK, I see. I just don't know if he should have gotten mixed up with her.

Victoria said...

Hey sweets, Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, I really like yours so I've joined your followers, I've only read the first page so far, but I'll definitely come back and read more when I get a chance xxx

ellie said...

She's definitely calling all the shots.

ori said...

Wow. that's all I can say.

meg said...

Somebody is definitely getting what they want..maybe both.