Friday, January 14, 2011

one fault or another

"Tell me! Tell me everything!" Todd was desperate. He thought he'd go insane, possibly. What was Spencer doing with that guy? He kept focusing on Benny's face, but of course, Benny was just his usual self. Even so, Todd thought he was hiding something.

"Nothing to tell, really." Benny shrugged. He was back at Todd and Lucy's. She'd set out a tray of blond Oreos and a pot of tea. At least she hadn't complained about Todd's worrying.

"Jesus, Benny, you must know something, you have too." Todd sighed as he watched Benny eat a cookie. He seemed pleased there was food for him.

"I don't think anything is going on." He was all so non-emotional. He put sugar cubes in his tea and stirred.

"Why do you say that?" Todd slid into a seat at the kitchen table but kept his eye on Benny.

"Nothing to tell." He unscrewed an Oreo and licked the creme then as if they might be having a little birthday party just for him.

Todd rolled his eyes, but then he had an instant melt down. "GOD, WHY DID I EVER GET MIXED UP WITH HIM?" He put his hands over his face and bent down his head on the table. Of course, Benny went on licking the middle of the sandwich cookies. It was definitely not his problem.

"He won't talk about you. He stays in his room drawing. A lot. But I don't think you're on his mind, entirely." Benny gave a slight yawn.

"What?" Todd cleared the tears away and looked at Benny.

"Maybe you weren't that good in bed." Benny smirked. He ate a cookie then and giggled. Even so, he'd left Todd in a pout. Todd felt all the more miserable.


meg said...

Benny is something else. Poor Todd

Cait said...

I wonder if Benny even cares.

Holly said...

And to think these 2 could have been together. Ha!

ellie said...

I feel really bad for Todd.

She is Sara said...

Poor Todd :( but Benny is kind of funny.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...I feel bad for Todd right now. :(

Yesha said...

I feel blue for Todd as well. :(

It's a Girl said...

Benny is one of those tv charcters who tells is like it is. I can't help but feel bad for Todd.