Friday, February 25, 2011

just maybe

Spencer didn't want to talk about Gage to Keith.

"It was nothing." Spencer shrugged about having coffee and pie with Gage. It was a nice chat. He guessed. "We just caught up on, you know...where are they now, kind of thing. High school. We might be the only two left in town."

"I highly doubt that." Keith was over at Spencer's house with Benny. They were trying to get him to go out, with them.

"Its just, he graduated. I got my GED." Spencer remained sad about it. He didn't know what his brother expected. "I doubt I ever see him, again. We were just celebrating Singles Day."

"Well, you never know, he might be more interested, than you think." Keith kept smiling as if some good luck might wear off on Spencer if he smiled long enough. But Spencer doubted that.

"Lets go to a movie." Keith put his arm around him as if there was no  use staying home, alone.

"I wouldn't dare want to interrupt you, two." Spencer looked at Benny who had decided to get out the fresh strawberries from the fridge and help himself to them.

"Don't say that." Keith winced. "It'll be fun. Just the three of us."

"No." Spencer sort of laughed. "Three is a crowd. And, I - I like keeping to myself. I'll be fine."

"But this is Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell, together." Keith was so enthusiastic about the war movie.

Spencer rolled his eyes and looked at Benny who was dipping the strawberries into a chocolate chip with peanut butter dip that he'd microwaved. He pushed a strawberry in Keith's mouth. This was getting a little much for Spencer.

He looked over at his Blackberry clutch on the counter. He'd gotten a text. First thing he thought of was a text from Todd, asking to come over. But then he saw the text was from Gage. He guessed it was a nice surprise. Gage wanted to know if he'd had dinner yet.

"Well, are you?" Keith wanted to know.

"I guess." What excuse could he give them.

"Well, then we should get out of here. Let you guys have the rest of the strawberries." Keith smirked and Benny only giggled with chocolate dripping down his chin.

So they left soon enough. They wanted to get to the theater for the previews. Finally, the silence gave Spence enough time to wonder if this was the right thing to do. It was, after all..just dinner.

The doorbell rang. There was Gage with a cheese pizza to put in the oven and a six-pack of beer.

"No party?" Gage looked around.

"Do I look like a party-animal?" Spencer almost smiled.

"I dunno, those eyes of yours could be very deceiving." Gage teased.

Spencer turned on the oven. Gage popped a lid off a beer for him.

"I got that pizza free." Gage sighed. "I guess that old dude likes me for some reason, but I really never stay around long enough to find out."

"So you've got admirers?" Spencer drank at the long necked beer then.

"Yeah, usually no one I'd dare to be friends with." He squinted then. "What about you?"

"I don't really have any fans." Spence took another drink, feeling he was kissing the beer, some how.

"Yeah, well, they're never quite as wonderful as you'd hoped they'd be. But sometimes, they do surprise you." Gage nodded. He looked around the kitchen, noticing the little CD player near the sink. He clicked it on then while Spencer checked on the pizza which was no where done.

There was a tune from THE DRUMS. "Sweet." Gage's words were so inviting.

Spencer turned back to see Gage twist and turn in his thick black work boots. Gage put his beer down then and  took Spencer's hand. Evidently, he needed a partner.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I love the idea of having your own fans - like a celebrity. Their conversation flows so naturally. :)

ellie said...

It was fun seeing them..having fun.

Through My Eyes said...

it was nice seeing to hear from them :D

hollyoaks fan fic said...

I'm happy Gage found Spence.

Yesha said...

This makes me miss drinking beer. It's been a month already. Ugh. Lol.