Tuesday, February 15, 2011

more than a show

Really, Ali didn't seem to mind how Cory's grandmother was. Actually, she admired Cory more, for having to deal with his grandmother's strangeness. He was a good grandson. Cory was good. Plain and simple.

He told her how hurt he'd been with the Lucy fallout. But she didn't feel like he was on the rebound. This did not feel like a rebound romance. And Ali had had plenty of those.

She was happy that Cory had put Casey in his place, and she'd sang her heart out at the Valentine's extravaganza. Including a load of Scissor Sisters' tunes and a ballad or two from Dressden Dolls.

After the last set, some fat guy, a lot bigger than her, with mirror shades and a silly goat-tee came up to her. Immediately, Ali wondered if she had a stalker. It frightened her yet humored her, too.

"I've been trying my best to find you," he said to her.

Ali felt her insides go nervous. What was he talking about? She just looked at him. Was she under arrest, or something?

"You're voice is golden, you know." He smiled.

"Thanks." Ali guessed she understood, and did her best to take a compliment.

"I don't mean, just the songs. I love listening to you talk." He chuckled. "Really, I don't say this to just anyone. But how would you like to work for me?"

"Huh?" Was her hearing going? She thought she might pass out. Could he possibly be for real?

"Down at the radio station. You could be my drive time gal. Everyone, loves a sweet voice when they're in the car." He told her.

"Wow." She couldn't believe it.

"I know they say the radio star is dead. But I could get you in commercials, your voice will be on TV too." He seemed pretty confident about it. She hoped he was right.


ellie said...

Wow, great news for her.

meg said...

That's great about a job. & I'm glad she's in the band.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm so glad that good news has come her way!! :)

She is Sara said...

Big break for Ali!!

heath and nick said...

She so needed a break.

molly said...

Well..maybe they won't need Casey anymore....

ori said...

I hope she'll be good now.

izzy and dev said...

I do hope things go OK for her now.