Sunday, March 27, 2011

starting from scratch

"Do you think it'll all change now with Casey married?" Ali wanted to know as she was helping with the dishes after supper.

Cory had just gotten his grandmother situated in front of the TV. She could only watch an hour and then she was off to bed.

"What do you mean?" He went to put up the left over salad and veggie stew.

"You know, is he gonna want to quit the band." She shrugged. She thought they had a good thing going with the Friday and Saturday nights, but they'd been pretty relaxed lately, and there had been an actual Irish punk band for Saint Patrick's day which had cost the place practically a kidney.

"You know, he never talks to me. Not even when we jam. He's in another world." Cory shrugged.

"I think you should call him." Ali looked at him as if maybe they should start talking now.

"I'm not going to call him." Cory winced. "He'd be so pissed. Then I'd have him mad when we do have a chance to get ready for the next gig. I'd get nowhere with him."

"It just makes me mad, when I think he's probably the one holding us back." She rinsed a dish.

"We need new songs. Our own songs." Cory told her.

Ali nodded as if she might be inspired. That's what she'd do as soon as she was done here. "You get your guitar." They were going to make some music. Casey was not going to hold them back.


Krystal said...

inspiration always feels good..go them!

ellie's desk said...

I'm happy they are making music together.

She is Sara said...

They are on a mission!!

a book of short stories said...

So cute. I think couples like that.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...I'm so excited for this new endeavor of theirs! :)

E.L. said...

Its good to seem them being creative together.