Saturday, April 2, 2011

never ever easy

It was the last thing Lucy ever expected. It was no April Fools joke, either.

She was home alone when it happened. They were men in black. Like ninjas, she thought now. They broke in during daylight in the late afternoon. Todd was still at the salon.

She'd been so afraid they were going to tie her up and take her away. Especially, when they saw her pregnant belly. It was so suspicious. She was so sure Craig must have had something to do with it. But she'd tried to scream. She was glad she didn't because they promised they'd cut her throat if she did. She was terrified. Even more scared for the baby.

They'd rummaged through their things. They never asked her any questions. At the end, they'd left everything in the floor, including herself. But soon as it grew quiet. She dialed 911. She went to the hospital on a safety precaution. Possibly, it was the thought of being around people. She didn't want to think how she'd been shoved around, her face put to the floor. Her body was so stiff now. She could hardly move.

Todd arrived soon as possibly. He found her being monitored by the nurses and questioned by the police. But she didn't have answers for anyone. All she wanted was Todd to hold her.

"I think they wanted Craig." She hugged him close. It was the only person she could think of. It was all a blur to her. She felt so shattered. Three men in black had rummaged through their things. They had nothing of Craig's. She was certain these men knew it.

"I'll - I'll get new locks, " Todd promised. But she wasn't sure it was enough. Someone was after Craig.

"But they know where we live." Lucy felt she was about to crumble.

"Lucy, it'll be OK." Todd looked a little frightened too. He combed his fingers through her hair.

"I wished Craig had never come back." She just knew this was his fault. She remembered how they'd met. He had hidden there at Todd's studio. It didn't matter if he'd broken down the space and made it more of a home for them. What if it could never be a home for them? "I want to go to my house."

"What?" Todd winced. "No, we can't. What about your Dad?" Todd shook his head, no. "Besides, I want to open up my own place in the shop below the apartment. I think we could make it here. I know we could. I'm not letting those assholes, ruin it for you or me. This is our home. This is where we belong." He hugged her more.

Lucy didn't want to burn out his dreams. She hoped he was right. She hoped it was over, but she couldn't possibly be sure.


Lux and Stan said...

Poor Lucy.

molly said...

That would be trauma, for sure.

ellie said...

Such a frightening thing to happen.

better days said...

I feel really horrible for her.

Cafe Fashionista said...

My heart goes out to her. :(

Holly said...

So many things are starting to change in the story.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to see Lucy get hurt.

meg said...

I love that header. Oh, thats so sad about what happened to Lucy.