Friday, July 1, 2011

for a brief moment

Gage still found the world fascinating.It was awkward being in a room of strangers, but they were all so kind and were happy to see him.

He wanted to remember so much. Yet, there were things he thought Spencer would know. Like who his father was. Where was his mother? The simplicity of life. But no, there was just Spencer. And he knew Spencer loved him. He wasn't able to exactly define it in words, but he felt it.

He watched everything attentative. He'd listened to the story over and over. Todd and Lucy had a baby. Which he found the most fascinating thing of all. He wouldn't dare touch it, but he watched from afar. How did that happen? He didn't want to be an idiot to ask. But he sat their quietly watching, waiting to see how others interacted with it. As the party grew and the ceremony quietened the mood. he found himself staring at Lucy.

"Do I know her?" He asked Spencer, later after the party was just left overs and most had left.

"I don't think so." Spencer winced. "I dunno. Maybe you did meet."

Of course, she hadn't exactly introduced herself and talked with Gage personally. Which was all right by him. Still, he felt as if he did know her from somewhere. It was the first freaky feeling he'd got... that perhaps there was a mysterious history. Or she was a ghost.

His smile grew thin. He wondered why she'd ignored him then.

"Who is she?" Gage wanted to know.

"I told you. She and Todd are married. You know, she just had her baby." Spencer reminded him.

Gage nodded.

"You sure, she's not my sister or something?" Gage squinted hard then. He was beginning to think his family hated him. Why hadn't they found him? Wasn't he a baby once too? Raw feelings of emotion ran through him. Someone held him once who was close and dear to him. Now they'd gone away. Evidently, they weren't coming back.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Gage. :(

ellie said...

That's so sad...and genuine.

meg said...

aw..I feel really bad for him.

Holly said...

This is the saddest thing. Really.

Lux and Stan said...

Such a sad and tragic time for him..even on the mend.

molly said...

Totally, feel for him.