Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Until our hearts are aligned into the sky

"Its just sad, your brother wasn't there." Lucy brought up the fact that the family Todd did have were a no show at their wedding.

"I think he left." Todd shrugged not really wanting to speak of Craig. Their last conversation had been weird as it was when the record place was on fire.

"Where did he go?" Lucy wanted to know as she was putting names, items and addresses in a ledger so they could write thank you notes to all that had given them things for the nuptials or for Lux.

"Its a mystery... I presume." Todd held on to Lux who was sleeping as if he were the only comfort she might need. "I didn't ask." He finally admitted.

"Its OK. I'm sorry I asked." She looked up at him then.

"So do you want me to take over." They could switch task easy enough.

"I'm all right. Really." She smiled then. "And you?"

"Not a problem." He promised with a smile back. Still, it stung him that it was just the three of them. He was OK with that. They were an out right family now. And they'd start their own traditions. It wouldn't take much to forget Craig, now would it?

Yet, he felt guilty for not caring as he looked a Lux. He was thinking he'd do as Craig had asked. He'd see to Sarah, somehow. But then again, they needed a suitable honeymoon of some kind. He and Lucy. Yet, that would have to wait too. But not forever.

"You think you'd be up to..I dunno..something fun?" Todd asked. "By the end of summer."

"Worlds of fun?" Lucy sounded excited already.

"Yeah," Todd hadn't even thought of an amusement park.

"I'd like that." She told him.

Todd put Lux down in her crib. He was certain she'd wake up as  her little fist moved about. She was already showing her strength worming herself over on her stomach, but he wouldn't let her. He kept watching, thinking it might take a village to watch over her if they did go on this honeymoon.


ellie said...

It'll be good to see them having some fun ..together.

FWB said...

Hope they figure Craig out. But I doubt it.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Craig is a confusing individual. :/

meg said...

I wonder where Craig is..hope they have a good life together.

Lux and Stan said...

What about Craig...I wouldn't let him spoil their mood.

She is Sara said...

Aww it looks like things are looking up :)

She is Sara said...

Aww it looks like things are looking up :)