Sunday, October 9, 2011

like a sad goodbye

"WHY WOULDN'T YOU TELL ME!" Spencer's voice carried. It woke the baby.

Todd wasn't sure which to get to first. He picked up Lux to comfort her. Spencer wouldn't shut up. Finally, he got the door. It was 2 in the morning.

"What is wrong with you?" Todd winced.

"You knew! You knew what she did!" Spencer was freaking out. "You could have told me about Lucy and Gage!"

"Can you not yell about it?" Todd told him. He went to get Lux a bottle. "I'm sorry. I didn't tell you. What good would it have done?"

"It would have told me, Gage isn't gay, anymore." Spencer was angry.

"You don't know that, for sure." Todd looked Spencer over. He was a mess. Maybe he'd been drinking, but Todd knew Spence was too smart for that. Todd felt sad for him. As it was, he knew he'd done the most rotten thing to Spencer from the past. It was hard to believe they'd been more than friends, now. "Maybe, he just needed the experience." Todd knew how calloused that sounded. "I wanted to tell you. It was just, it was so hard to know what to say. Its a lot for me to deal with, too. I dunno how I feel about Lucy, exactly. But I know I have to be here. She's the mother of my child." Todd could barely breathe as it was. Spencer wasn't the only one hurting. "What can I say? You have to let him go. Maybe..maybe he'll come back to you."

But he wasn't so sure he believed that about Lucy. He went to give Lux her bottle. He told Spencer he could sleep the night on the couch. Todd went to the rocking chair in the baby's room. This was Lux's favorite place, and it was beginning to be Todd's favorite place too.


Cafe Fashionista said...

The bond he has formed with Lux is so sweet! :)

ellie said...

I hope he can work it out with Lucy.

blue hearts said...

I love that Lux is first in his life.

molly said...

He's a good Dad!

Natalie said...

Spencer seems to have been really shocked, but I love how close todd is to lux :

meg said...

Poor Spencer. I do feel bad for him.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Poor Spencer :( Also todd is such a good dad!