Monday, October 3, 2011

never know where it might end or just begin

"WHAT IS THIS?" Spencer was not amused by the crowded house when he came home from work. Who were these people?

"Its only one." Sage told him. As it was Ezra was a lump on the couch watching television. Of course, Gage was talking like a mad man, discussing everything on TV to Ezra. Perhaps thats what made it so impossible. He never said that much around Spencer, and it hurt. Nothing would never be like it used to be. It sank low inside him now. Spencer could hardly stand to be here.

He felt as if this wasn't even his home anymore. Next thing he knew he was peeling out of the drive way heading back to the University. Spencer needed to get away. He'd left Sage holding a glass of iced tea for him while meatballs were simmering on the stove. He'd left her to babysit.

Perhaps, it was better to work on a piece of art down at the Art center. Usually, he did his best work at home, but he felt so lost there, nothing seemed possible, there. It was as if everything was going down the drain. Yet, his brain felt so clogged. He wanted to say this was all Sage's fault, but she'd been great with Gage. Maybe he just envied her. Spence felt as if it was all closing in, and he'd stagnate if he were there, any longer.

He got himself settled, ready to fling something on the canvass like a wild man.


Someone broke his chain of thought. Spencer blinked as if a reality check finally clicked. Spencer turned to see someone in dredlocks grinning at him.

"Don't you know you need to make an appointment with me before being here after six in the evening." The lean fellow pursed his lips as he shoved his hands in his old kakis.

"Sorry." Spencer bit his bottom lip. He didn't know. The Art department was still new to him. He'd been distracted, lately. It was as if felt he couldn't exactly immerse himself in what he loved these days.

"I'm just kidding." He chuckled as he offered Spencer a handshake. "I'm Noah."

"Spencer." He smiled back.

"What are you doing here so late?" Noah wanted to know.

"Just needed to get away." Spencer shrugged. He wasn't sure he wanted to tell a stranger all about it, but there was something about Noah's friendly smile that made Spencer want to talk to him.


ellie said...

I feel bad for Spencer, but to leave Sage like that...hmmm....

Anonymous said...

I'm anxious to see what becomes of Noah.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, I love that you included a picture of Samuel here - Noah sounds like a great new character! :)

blue hearts said...

Oh..I love the idea of Noah! & Spencer.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

That wasn't very nice of him to just walk out. But I'm glad that he seems to have made a friend :)

meg said...

Poor Sage..she's trying. I know Spence is in a bad the moment.