Thursday, October 13, 2011

repeating the connection

Lucy could smell it as soon as she walked through the door. Spencer had been here. The place was immaculate. Just the way he was when it came to organization and household cleaning products. He was the king of domestic life.

"How could you?" She snarled at Todd. Immediately, she wanted to tear up the place. "This your way of getting back at me. Having Spencer over?"

"What?" Todd shook his head, no. "No. He found out about you and Gage. You hurt a lot people. You should know that, Lucy. I got the brunt of it, as it was. He's not very happy with me."

Lucy gritted. It felt like a long road back to nowhere. She hugged herself. She wanted to be happy to be here. But it was hard not to be mad even if she knew she had no right to be.

"Where's the baby?" Did he intend to keep Lux away from her.

"She's with Sarah's family." Todd reminded her again. "I thought you might need some time, You know, just the two of us. Sort it out."

Lucy's face tensed. She didn't want to talk. All she needed was Lux, the rest would have to work itself out.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes you need time before you decide to talk it out. :/

ellie said...

It'll take a lot of talk..and to embrace the situation..which isn't always natural.

FWB said...

Oh, she'd be mad about Spencer.

blue hearts said...

Oh, they'll have to really get down to some serious talk now.

caitlin and megan said...

Oh, they have to try to work this out.