Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a freak of nature

Manny knew it was a lot to ask. Allie looked completely ill when she saw him.

Their was bad blood between them. Of course, he knew he was pretty much a prick back then. He was young and thought he knew who he needed to be. When Allie needed help, he wasn't exactly the giving sort. But he was trouble then. Even three years younger than her. Why in the world did he get in this mess with a fat girl, anyway? He just wanted to leave it all behind. And he did.

Even so, being in a new town. New relatives. New path to follow, he'd turned around and done good. He guessed. But it was his aunt's help that he got Angie back, anyway. He really would have been OK if the family who said they would raise her did so. But it didn't happen that way. When his aunt found out she was back in foster care, she made it a goal that he'd get her back. And he had. They were a family now. They lived back East. Manny was going to college and working at a hospital. It was all good. He really didn't want anything from Allie, but Angie was ill and the baby might need Allie now. He was looking to see if by chance Allie could help find someone in her family that might help with a bone marrow transplant.

If he could do it himself, he would.

"But I need your help." He knew Angie had a sibling. Allie had a five year old that lived with Allie's mother. Allie of course, was none so happy to discuss any of this with him when they met at the diner. He hadn't pressed her, anymore. He knew to go quietly. After all, there was one more option he had. There was his brother, but then again, Manny had never been all that nice to him, either.

Now he listened his brother talk, one isle over at the grocery story. He seemed different now. Manny wasn't quite sure what it was.

"Look, Declan, if you want to really win Sage over, find her a car." His brother still had a head full of massive curls. Possibly, too pretty for his own good.

"A car? I have to find her a car?" His co-worker didn't look like he could even buy a car. He looked liked Crispin Glover's little brother.

"It doesn't have to be brand new." His brother shrugged. "It doesn't even have to work. Sage can fix things."

"Well." The goofy kid looked serious enough. "I..I could try."

A part of Manny thought they might both be nuts. Was that what became of his brother? Manny was sure if his brother saw him, he'd have nothing to do with him, after all he'd put him through. Manny didn't want to admit what a homophob he'd been. He was just as well a bully. And he was sure that's what Gage would see as soon as he saw him.


molly said...

Interesting about Manny. & Gage helping Sage too.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a tough situation for all of them. :/

ellie said...

I hope someone can help Angie.

mazzy may said...

Oh, wow, hope Manny and his brother talk.

J said...

uh oh. curious what will happen next

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I hope Angie will be okay