Sunday, November 6, 2011

not another headache

Allie felt as if she'd seen a ghost at the concert. It was nothing to do with what happened to the guy who brought everything to a stand still.

 However, her past was there. She'd know him anywhere. She couldn't think why Manny would be there. She hadn't heard from him in ages. She was sure he wouldn't want to hear from her. It was best to leave it alone. Act as if she didn't care. That she hadn't a clue why he'd come to such a little concert at someone beauty shop.

"Are you OK?" Cory poured her another cup of coffee while she slathered cream cheese on a bagel and hoped she'd forget about seeing Manny. What could he freak'n want? She thought, not even giving Cory a glance.

She was mad at Cory, still and giving him the silent treatment. She crunched away on the bagel. A part of her felt so numb. Manny was a life time ago. Why was he back? It wasn't like he wanted anyone to know he even knew her when he was here.

"I'm glad we did the Halloween bash." Cory set down with his creamed coffee to chat. He'd be leaving for work in the next ten minutes or so.

"uh-huh." She could barely give him the time of day now. If he'd never left for that stupid roadtrip, she then thought, she might trust him still. Although, she was happy to see his little girlfriend making out with some random guy.

Allie didn't want to think that she,herself, might just do that if given a chance. Chances seemed so slim now.

"You were really amazing." Cory told her. "You really were." His eyes were on her.

She choked down the bagel and went for the other half then. She didn't even want to listen to him. Manny was on her mind, as well. She bit her tongue on the next bite. It was like an omen telling her to wake up.

Allie put down the bagel and went to the bathroom to see if her tongue was bleeding. Just a little. It donned on Allie why Manny was in town. It must have been about the baby.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope things turn out okay. :/

ellie said...

Shocker, that someone in her past would comeback into the picture.

She is Sara said...

Oh wow. I wonder if she is right?

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I hope it all works out, sound like the guy from her past is going to make things a bit messy!

mazzy may said...

Wooo...looks like some changes ahead!