Saturday, February 18, 2012

when the day is done

One thing River had learned from Ann Rand. She liked her men beefy and was possibly into S & M. He carried around Atlas Shrugged like a bible now. Never left home without it. He knew Declan couldn't part with his Lords of the Rings. After all, Declan would make the perfect Hobbit.

These were things he thought to pester Declan with... while he was away, but Declan was home now and River didn't dare bother to torment him. Instead, he was busy in the kitchen. He baked a turkey with all the fixings. River didn't exactly buy the items. Someone took pity on Declan down at the grocery store that worked in helping the hungry. There was a turkey left over from Thanksgiving.

Actually, it was nice to have the kitchen to himself. And he enjoyed it. He was clearly a superb cook, only not many knew. It wasn't that he jumped into it, unless he had too.

"I just wanted you. Letting me stay, the last few days." River told him when he was serving up Declan with turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing with a few veggies on the side and of course, the cranberry salad.

"Well, are you leaving?" Declan still smelled fresh from the hospital, and he was a bit stiff. He was staying home the rest of the week.

"Not unless, you want me to." River licked gravy from his fingers then. He wasn't waiting for grace. It was time to dig into dinner.

"I might need you around." Declan told him. "You know, just in case."

"Yeah, sure." River nodded. He kept eating, thinking it was the most perfect meal. The turkey was moist. The mashed potatoes' consistency peaked beautifully. He'd even gotten the stuffing right. "When you're better, maybe you can help me get my stuff back."

"You aren't planning a burglary, are you?" Declan's eyes were so big that River could hardly contain a laugh.

"Don't give me ideas." River pointed his fork at him. He almost got a smile out of Declan. River wouldn't dare ask Declan if that girl was on his mind. The best thing was not to mention her name, and River wasn't going too.


meg said...

River is definitely unpredictable. He's interesting how he comes up with his own interpretation of things.

ellie said...

River is really coming around. Maybe, he is a friend indeed.

Alysha said...

Declan loves LOTR? Hahaha, that just makes him so much cooler!

Cafe Fashionista said...

River is turning out to be a pretty cool guy. :)

HailesHeartsFashion said...

Can't imagine him cooking a dinner with all the trimmings :P I think he is going to add a lot of craziness into Declans life - which is a good thing of course!


Ben and Molly said...

River is turning out to be quite the guy.