Saturday, March 3, 2012

the limit of it

"This is where you find them, huh?" River held a polo shirt next to Declan. They were browsing in GOOD WILL. Declan was eyeing the bookshelf.

He nodded.

"Perhaps, I'll try The Hobbit." River said he couldn't finish the Ann Rand book. "Its too much for me."

"I think you would like this." Declan found a thin copy of THE OUTSIDERS. It was much more lite reading. Perhaps he'd enjoy it.

"What, you found gay fiction at Good Will?" River laughed  looking at the cover which was from the cover of the movie with Matt Dillon and Tom Cruise.

"Depends on your interpretation, I suppose." He let it go at that. No TV, meant some very quiet times. They didn't have a computer and Declan's phone never rang.

River almost winked with happiness, as if Declan found him a late Valentines present.

"Maybe you should get this." River held up a shirt that looked kind of odd, but quirky. There were pictures of fish on it, but it matched Declan's green eyes.

It felt strange, yet good that they were finding things for each other. They hardly squabbled these days. Of course, River did all the cooking. He smoked his electronic cigarette a lot. And usually, he kept that outside too.

Spring seemed to be early, but River could never have enough cardigans. He liked sweaters. He was rather fashionable, and he did his best to keep Declan from wearing the wrong shirt. He kept telling him, he needed to look more relaxed. There was no need to keep buttoned up. Just what was he afraid of?

Well, they were sleeping together. Which Declan kept telling himself would not work. Yet it had. Usually, River was up before he was. The bathroom door was never opened while the other was in it. There was nothing to be afraid of. And Declan felt a bit of relief. Almost. He should. There was nothing wrong with their friendship. He guessed they were friends. Yet, he'd never been this close to anyone. Maybe Sage, but she didn't talk about food like River did. She didn't ask about characters in books, nor talk about the places she'd been. No, River spoke fondly of the past. Except for Noah. Still he didn't know what to do about him. Even if River did mention from time to time that he wanted his stuff back. That's all River really wanted.

They pondered more in the store. River even lounged on a fluffy sofa and read a few pages in the book that Declan found for him while Declan looked for classics on the shelves. He wasn't into freaky fantasy nor Ann Rice.

He then looked up to see someone talking to River. Declan took it that the two knew each other. The fellow was quite fit, perhaps perfect with that easy going smile. His hair swept around his face like a pop star's. He looked like something from a boy band. For a moment, Declan was sure of it. He would lose River too. Maybe River would find a way to go out with this guy. Have some pleasure that Declan hadn't an inkling about. Declan did his best not to notice. He kept looking at the shelves. Even picked up a Danielle Steel novel that he would never read.

"You, really gonna read that?" River surprised him. Declan almost jumped when he felt River's warm breath on his ear. Declan turned to meet River's smile, up close. Declan blinked. River's friend was behind him. "This is Nic."

"Hi." Declan thought he said, but they didn't shake hands.

"Funny, to see him, you know." River held in a laugh. "Not the thriftiest." He sighed. Then rolled his eyes. "He's going to Florida for Spring Break."

"Oh." Declan took it that Nic must be in college, with money.

"Well, I still live at home." Nic clarified.

"What would your parents think, you being here?" River mocked.

"Actually, I was on my way to the comic book place, and I saw you. Thought you might work here. Hadn't seen you..since..since that party." Nic mentioned.

Declan looked at River, as if he needed to read through this book, and not be a part of this conversation.

"You can blame it on him." River poked Declan in the chest. Declan's eyes widen as he felt River's touch. He needed to steady himself. What was River really trying to do?

"I see. Well, we should catch up, sometime." Nic sighed as if he really wished Declan wasn't keeping River away from, that other life. Evidently.

"Its..its nice meeting you." Declan tried to be casual. Friendly. But he was sure he was not playing his part, correctly.


W. said...

Are they or Aren't they? Maybe River likes to tease Declan.

caitlin and megan said...

I think River just might be crush'n on Declan.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Something underhanded is definitely transpiring here. :/

Sara said...

Uh-oh, a little jealousy?

HailesHeartsFashion said...

It seems like River is messing Declan around. Like he is making Declan feel like he isn't completely satisfying River (in every instance). Why does Declan lack confidence? He should have a a bit of faith in himself. If River isn't happy with the way thinks are then that isn't Declans fault. Really enjoyed this post and thought the end line was perfect to sum up D's feeling.