Sunday, April 8, 2012

no one to dance with

Noah was in his black tank and his black yoga pants. The good thing with Spencer, he never really had to dress up for him. And Noah liked that about Spencer. Although, he missed not going to some of the functions at the University. It seemed Spencer always wanted to stay in. But that really wasn't a bad thing. However, Spencer was being a bit aloof, lately. Noah knew the upcoming art show at the gallery hadn't helped much, but he couldn't NOT do it. He had too.

When Spencer said he was coming over, Noah immediately went to his wine fridge to find  Spencer's favorite drink. Spencer loved his Moscoto. Didn't matter which brand. He loved the sweet flavor. When he went shopping for wine, Noah always picked up a Moscoto. Truly, Spencer was the girl, Noah had always dreamed of.

Finally, the doorbell rang. Which surprised Noah who went to open the door to find a small crowd behind Spencer. This was definitely different. Immediately Noah felt under-dressed for the occasion. He pulled on a V-neck black sweater, as if he wasn't sure what was going on.

"Are we having a traveling party? I dunno about?" Noah stared, a little puzzled as he watched all five of them file into his modern yet sophisticated livingroom, which could seat all of them.

Noah disliked traveling parties. He'd never go on one again, since that one Christmas when it snowed so bad, and it was not pleasant going from one house to the next. Such a dreadful occasion. This just might be one of those, he was beginning to think. Especially, when he saw River. But he shook everyone's hand. He needed to get more wine.

"I guess, I just need..need to ask you something. And well..." Spencer looked around at the guys with him.

"Sit..lets sit down. Everyone." Noah kept it casual. So they did. "Whats this about?" He sounded friendly, even though, he didn't exactly want to be friends with everyone.

"Well..." Spencer was in a stop and start mode. He was timid, that way. It was kind of precious, yet could get old, easily..Noah imagined.

"I want my stuff back!" River beat Spencer to the chase. "We came to get my things, because they know exactly what you are!"

Noah didn't say anything for the longest time. He needed to think. That's all it bad apple. River really was kind of worm, Noah now thought.

"That's just great. Great, River." Noah eyeballed him. "I thought you went back to Quebec." Noah crossed his arms. That was the last he'd heard from him.

"Well, I didn't." River ever so suave raised his head as if he only came to pester him.

It was true, they had their differences, but he didn't really want to discuss it in front of the others. It was a private matter.

"After, all I did for you." Noah got up then. "What about that job? I helped you. With the French professor?" Initially, that's what this was about. River couldn't quite cut it.

"She's Belgium. And a snob." River gave him an angry look. "She can't take French-Canadians, seriously." But he was back to his stuff. The flat screen TV, the laptop, the gaming system. All of it was his.

"Fine." Noah snapped, trying not to lose his cool. "I didn't know where to send it." An obvious answer. But then he hadn't boxed it up, ready for mail, either.

"Everything, had to be your way, or no way." River continued.

Noah's eyes lit. He did not want to discuss this any further. "Just, get your things, and go." Noah then winced, wondering if he'd lost Spencer for good now.

"It'll never be 50-50 with you and Noah." River let Spencer know.

"I'm not a control freak!" Noah yelled then. But they scrambled to get River's items. They talked among themselves as if Noah wasn't even there. "I'm not! I swear I'm not!"


meg said...

Looks what they got what they came for.

Sara said...

Wow, that was very awkward, but it seems it needed to be done!

ivy's closet said...

Hopefully, Noah won't be the outsider.

mazzy may said...

I don't think Noah is totally awful. Its a complicated situation.