Saturday, May 26, 2012

what were you saying

River felt dreadful. He wanted to go kicking and screaming. How did Declan know these things? Seriously?

He'd had the run-around when it went down with the old professor who obviously hated him and didn't like Canadians and he guessed gays too. Funny, he was used to the gay part, but what did a Canadian ever do to her?

He was sure he'd have to face her, again. She was practically a skeleton with ruby lips and fake orange curls. He guessed she'd been a beauty at one time. Not that it would have ever mattered to him. But she was the devil when it came to French. And it didn't matter how good he might have looked in that pin stripe suit of his, he knew he wouldn't get the job back.

Noah said he'd help, but he never did. Never. And here he was waiting to go into the office with them. River felt already frazzled. He felt as if he'd been beaten down which ended in a nervous break down of sorts. He was at the point he didn't care if he ever spoke French again, because evidently..he didn't know how ..according to the snob he worked with.

But when the door opened, it was only the head of personnel and someone head of the modern language department. The old professor wasn't there. He expected the worst. Had she died?

"We made her retire. Finally." Actually, it had only happened a week or so ago. "We had you in mind." The head of the department told him.

River thought he might faint. He didn't know what to say.

"She failed a lot of students. Honestly, we've decided to let some students have a do-over. Free for them. But you'd have a pay check." Of course, he wouldn't be the head French professor, by any means. "You get us through the summer, and we are certain you'll be a part of the French department."

River thought he might be dreaming, but Declan squeezed his hand.

River felt a little shaky. Honestly, he hadn't expected it to be this easy.


ellie said...

Wow, I'm glad things turned out better than expected.

Cafe Fashionista said...

What awesome news! :)

meg said...

Good for River.

FWB said...

I'm glad he got it back!!

Spencer and Toby said...

Go! River! Declan had a lot to do with it too.