Saturday, August 18, 2012


Manny was surprised to see Spencer's burst of energy. He hadn't even made it to the front steps. He'd came over to look at Gage's laptop. Something about it running slow and could he do something about it. Sage was too busy with plums to help. Also she had him out back taking seeds out of plums.

Manny had no idea he'd be Spence's go to guy, but for a second there, he assumed Spencer was trying to make someone jealous. Manny never thought of himself as that kind of guy. Although, he suspected he was a very bad actor. He was definitely not gay enough for the part. He really wanted to push Spence off of him, but he didn't want anybody mad at him, either.

"What are you doing?" He said under his breath to Spencer.

"Its nothing. Really." Spencer kept grinning, pulling him along as if he had a major plan for him.

Manny sighed, pulled his hand through the humidity of his hair. Spencer was certainly putting him in a sweat.

"Look, we already have Manny, here. He's going to be in the band." Spencer informed Noah who was still on the porch, hugging himself.

"What do you play?" Noah asked Manny.

"Uh.." Manny did not play guitar, nor drums.

"He can play anything." Spencer had his arm around Manny as if was the GO TO GUY. For real.

Manny wasn't exactly smiling.

"I kind of like computers." Manny nodded, of course, he always thought they liked him. He guessed that would really sound weird if he said it.

Spencer bit a smile as he rubbed Manny's chest, who thought he might collapse on the lawn. Spencer was awful close to kissing him.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Manny is going to wind up in a sticky situation. :/

simon and josh said...

Poor Manny!

FWB said...

Spencer, what will become of him??

ellie said...

I do feel bad for Manny.