Saturday, October 27, 2012

really mature

So maybe Fergie's sullen act wasn't exactly working with Simon.

"Hey," She kneed him from behind and he almost fell to the floor in the lunch line. His old gray blazer loosened as he pushed his heavy black Clark Kent glasses up his thin nose. Finally, he got his clumsy self back together.

"I need to talk to you." She stared at him til her eyes burned.

"What for." No smile. Nothing.

Fergie looked at him harder. Her magic was not working. Evidently. Honestly, she didn't think she had any baby weight to lose. Besides, her breasts were bigger now. Of course, she wasn't exactly using him for sex. He was her friend. But she knew there was a time he thought she was sexy.

She stood with her tray of mac and cheese and low-fat chocolate milk. Before she could say much, Trevor was behind her with his burger and shake.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

She lipped to Simon to call her, but he looked as if she might be turning in to a monster.

"Nothing." She pouted at him as she went to eat lunch with him.

She sighed.

"God, I thought you hated that guy." Trevor reminded her as he bit into a fry. She snatched one from his plate and ate it.

"I do not hate Simon." She informed him.

"Whats going on between you two?" He looked at her as if she better explain.

"Nothing. Of course." She made a face and took a bite of the casserole. How dare they put bread crumb and ham in her macaroni. Fergie pushed it away. "What are we doing for Halloween?"

"I gotta work." He shrugged as if that was no big news.

She closed her eyes and fumed as if she didn't want to hear that. "Don't you ever get a night off?" She fretted.

"I like working there." He stuffed most of his burger in his mouth. "Look, you, want to spend my money.. Where do you think it comes from?"

She drank her chocolate milk. She didn't mean to complain. Instead, she thought of the ghost hunting she and Simon might do. It wouldn't cost a thing.

She looked over her shoulder then. Simon hadn't gotten very far in the lunch line. Fergie caught him looking at her. She turned her head back and smiled. Yes, he still liked her.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ghost hunting sounds so awesome! :)

meg said...

Oh, Fergie. I dunno if I'd trust her.

Chris Ed said...

Fergie is acting really stange!

MOSAMUSE said...

aww i liked that last moment... so sweet :)