Saturday, December 8, 2012

just by chance

"Well, I dunno why you let any of them get to you, this way." Bucky shrugged who was going to make supper, only he hadn't really gotten very far. The chicken was still frozen.

"I know." Spencer shook his head as his stomach growled.

The chicken was a big frozen chunk on the counter. Spencer got out a pot and put the chicken in it to boil while Bucky went on about somebody who used to know, go through the same thing when he lived with them in Arizona.

Bucky had traveled a lot. Something, Spencer kind of envied, but not really.

There were plenty of things to be satisfied about. He had a job he loved. He was a real uncle now, and there was Bucky who he got along with. Of course, some of Bucky's tales were pretty long winded. There was a time or two Spencer wondered if Bucky missed those places or the people he knew. Spencer hated to ask him much, but he'd been here for a good long while now. As he looked back at Bucky waiting for the chicken to boil (so he could put in the chicken bouillon) Spencer wondered if there were maybe parts Bucky might be leaving out about his life. Spencer didn't want to doubt him.

"Its just, they don't know you, like I do." Spencer smiled. "I should have a dinner and invite them all over."

He got the chicken to going and went to chop up some celery and onion that Bucky was fiddling with.

"I could make cocktails for everyone." Bucky said ever so proudly.

"Yeah, well, first we have to get the booze." Spencer didn't want to tell him that would cost money. He chopped away. This was going to be a homemade chicken noodle soup. He'd forgotten what Bucky was planning to do with the chicken.

Finally the chicken was a bubbling. Bucky added some pepper.

"Now, there is nothing your leaving out, is there?" Spencer was starting to wonder if he really knew Bucky's whole story.

"Leaving what out? We got the chicken in the pot." He was stirring.

"No, I mean..I mean about you're not gonna tell me you gotta a wife and kid, somewhere, are you?" Spencer looked at him with a silly grin as if that was even ridiculous to think.

"Well..." He sighed. "I've been told I got this kid, but I've never seen it. So you know." He shrugged as if it were nothing.

"A kid?" Spencer squinted. "Are you serious?" A part of Spencer was pissed, yet at the same time, there was a bit of hope that maybe this might be a good  thing.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I can't say that I'm a fan of Bucky. Especially after that confession. :/

ellie said...

Oh, Spencer. Bucky is something else.

Sara Gerard said...

Yeah I am not on team Bucky, I think Spencer needs to really think about this.

meg said...

Bucky is pretty rotten. Especially, if he's a dead beat dad, too.

MOSAMUSE said...

:( Bucky

Chris Ed said...

I am not the biggest Bucky fan!