Wednesday, December 12, 2012

passing by

"You got it!" Keith knew the moment he saw Sage on campus. He was so excited for her. She would be working in the drama theater and then some.

"Who knows, just how long I can wear this black suit." She shrugged with a smile. She was already wearing head gear and carrying something more than a clipboard. She was ready with an electronic tablet.

"This is really fast." Keith grinned. "What changed your mind?"

"Health care plan." She told him, Gage thought she should try. After all, he was stuck with lots of online classes. "I'm still pretty much on my feet." She sighed. "But its good to move around."

Keith nodded. Honestly, he didn't know for certain where he was going anymore. "I wish I was home with Hunter." He hated to be away from her. " are Trevor and Fergie?"  He was still undecided if he should get them anything for Christmas or not. He guessed he probably should.

"Still together. But I think they are more friends, instead of anything else." Sage told him.

"So what are you guys doing for Christmas?" Keith asked.

"Trying to keep warm in our house. I'm pretty sure we need a new furnace. We know ours isn't really up to code," Sage said.

"Up to code?" Keith winced.

"Yeah, its something with the state now. If your furnace isn't working up to 80% of its capacity, gotta get a new one. And since this one is old and expands and what not, looks like we'll need a new one by spring." She was a wealth of information.

Keith wondered how well their own furnace was working, now.


Sara Gerard said...

Seems like things are pretty tight for everyone right now :(

meg said...

Sweet they are helping each other out.

ellie said...

Its good to see them getting along.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's so sad to see them struggling. :/

MOSAMUSE said...

aaww :(

Scarlett and Eva said...

I seriously think Sage knows hard work, and she doesn't really complain that much.