Monday, March 25, 2013

making the call

Craig knew it was asking a lot, but Todd came with the car. He looked pretty sleepy. Craig poured him a fresh cup of coffee.

"Do you even know where this kid lives?" Todd sighed as he got in his place behind the counter.

"Yes, I think I can manage." Although, he'd never been to the trailer park before. "I'll get him and you can take him home with you." That was the plan. Craig knew he had to do this quick because he knew his little brother wasn't fond of locations like this after hours. "Thanks." Craig mentioned one more time before he left in Todd's old car.

He drove toward the pre-made housing development which was on a man-made lake. Past the nice houses was the old trailer park next to some cornfields. Just as Craig suspected, Jesse lived in a little rundown trailer that looked like something hunters might use on a deer hunt if they were man enough for the mobile home.

"So, do you walk to school?" Craig asked once he got the boy situated with his favorite pillow and one earred stuff rabbit. He was wearing his ripped jeans and a thermal shirt. No coat. But his hair was really neat. Someone took the time to make sure he was fed well and smelled still baby fresh.

"If I go." He looked a little sad with a shrug as they drove back.

"You haven't been going?" Craig asked trying to make it serious, but it was.

"Sometimes, I get there late." He looked as if he wasn't too concerned.

"We'll get you to school tomorrow." Craig reminded him about his brother and his brother's family, again.

"You don't live with them?" He looked at him as if it might not be a good idea to go.

"Not, anymore, but then you might have to sleep on the couch if I lived there. They have a room. I'll make sure your Mom knows, OK." Craig told him.

Cameron nodded.

Soon they were back at the gas station. Even if Todd hadn't had a customer, Craig could tell Todd was happy to see them.

Todd was his happy go lucky self as he shook hands with Cameron.

"It'll be safe at Todd's. Try to get some sleep." Craig told him he'd be there as soon as he got off. "So, your Mom doesn't have a cell phone?"

Cameron shook his head, no. He held up the old Tracphone.

"Any numbers in there..that..that might.."

"My grandma. But Momma says I can't call her unless she's in the hospital or something." Cameron told him.

Craig had to wonder if this warranted one of those "something" times.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I think Craig knows the answer to that. :/

Sara Gerard said...

Oh I hope Craig can handle this.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping he can make a difference.

ellie said...

Craig is doing his best. Hopefully, things will turn around for Jesse.

MOSAMUSE said...

i dunno.... good luck to Craig

Street Fashion Paris said...

I like Craig, hope so he could make it!