Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Before its too late

Jess could sense it. She knew he'd hate her before it was all over.

She showered and got ready as if she could go the distance. But then again she wasn't getting ready for a boxing match.

"I want you to stay home tonight." She informed him. After all, he'd been covering a good bit of her shift this week.

"No." He grumbled. "Hell, no. You, aren't going back there." It was as if he was a volcano about to erupt.

She honestly didn't want too, but she didn't want him killing himself over this, either.

"You, need some sleep." Simple, wasn't it?

He shook his head, no as if it weren't necessary. "This is nothing."

She was not a quitter. Didn't he know that?

"Besides, Todd..Todd needs you at..at the salon." Craig looked her in the eye as if her job was done at the gas station.

She looked up at him as if that must be a load of crap. As if she could cut and style hair with a broken arm?

"I don't want you to go." She pressed her lips tight, as if she needed to make a last stand of some kind. She grabbed him arm. She felt him wavier. Perhaps he was falling on her, but she caught him with a kiss.

It was the first time, something felt right, in a long time.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...I kind of love them together! :)

Sara Gerard said...

lol, that is one way to get her point across!

Street Fashion Paris said...

They are together!!!

ellie said...

I'm glad she's cleared things up for him.

ellie's desk said...

Hope they are on the right path.

MOSAMUSE said...



Street Fashion Paris said...

Can't wait for more.