Monday, May 13, 2013

just a thought

"They definitely give a whole new meaning to Mother's Day." Spencer finally admitted when he and Connor got to Benny and Keith's place.

There was a spectacular brunch waiting for them. Keith invited Sage and Gage as well as Fergie and Trevor. It was a house full, but Keith did the honors of playing host. The buffet had plenty of fruit and spring salads along with sliced roasted turkey and croissants.

Spencer introduced Connor around.

"Am I the best matchmaker or what?" Keith took credit for introducing them.

Spencer gritted a smile. It was like his big brother to boast on these sort of things. As it was, Keith never did anything wrong.

Spencer moved on to Gage who was dipping strawberries into chocolate. Spencer was hoping he'd look a little tired, maybe even some babyfat from being a soon to be father. But no, Gage hadn't changed. He looked exactly like Spencer remembered. Beautiful curls and all and eyes of an angel.

"Oh, so..this is...Gage..." Connor started then fell silent as he looked at Gage and then Spencer.

"And Sage." Spencer did a bit of a sag-way as if they were never suppose to talk about Gage. Spencer beamed. Yet the fact remained Sage looked very pregnant. She looked like she could pop with triplets. Otherwise she was her dainty self.

Connor was nice enough to say hi. And then he started talking to Trevor as if he'd better not bring up anymore touchy subjects.

Yes, Gage was still a forbidden subject. Spencer didn't mean for him to be. He'd accepted the fact that the Gage he knew, no longer existed. Still moments like this made him feel very sad. As if he could clearly remember the ghost of a boyfriend past.

Spencer stacked more appetizers on his plate. It was as if everyone was moved on. Spencer had too. But for a second he wondered how life might be if it were just he and Gage, before his accident.


Anonymous said...

Aw, so sad, but I hope Spencer is happy with Connor.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a difficult time for Connor. :/

ellie said...

I wonder how oblivious Gage still is.

Sara Gerard said...

I hope Conner can be more positive, things are so awkward for him here!

Anonymous said...

That would have awkward. But I think Connor is understanding.

Anonymous said...

What interesting time for Connor to meet Sage and Gage.