Saturday, August 17, 2013

one thing and then another


Ezra wasn't sure what made him fall over like that. But it spurned the nurses in to action. Next thing he knew he was getting blood work and a catscan done.

He felt him self shaking as if they were uncovering layers of him, just to find out it might be cancer. A tumor. He was in shock about it. Actually. And Craig was nowhere in sight.

Ezra laid in the hospital bed. It was just an over night stay. They assured him. Now he was being brought a late dinner of cold green beans, yucky Salisbury steak and instant potatoes. He tried not to make a face when the nurse uncovered it.

He was so hungry. He put the slab of butter on the white bread and ate. Finally, he forged on through the meal. Maybe they'd let him go as soon as he was finished. Still, didn't have any meds yet.

For a few minutes, he didn't think he was dying. But then he was worried that he wasn't thinking he was dying. It was a vicious cycle in his head.

It all added up that he was depressed. He would never be the man he could be. What if he never had kids?

Now he'd lost his appetite through the brunt of the tasteless meal.

He pushed it away and laid his head back on the very clinical pillow. Standard issue, that felt like a rock under his head.

He was crying before he knew it. He just couldn't help it.

But just as he was about to reach for tissue, the door cracked open. It was Sarah.

"You found me." He cleared his throat.

She nodded. She looked as if she was coming down with something. He knew she didn't like hospitals. It was a wonder that she actually had Jake in one.

"Are you, OK?" He felt as if he should get up and let her have the bed.

She kind of nodded, but she looked so pale. He set up at the edge of the bed, making room for her.

"Where's Jake?" Ezra wanted to know, hoping she hadn't forgot about the baby and left him home alone. He didn't know why he had thoughts like that. But sometimes, she was scattered. Although, she kept it together as a secretary at the high school.

"Craig's got him." She swelled a frown.

Ezra stiffened at the thought of Craig getting what he really wanted. He put his arm around Sarah.

"I'm glad you came." She leaned in and he rested his chin at the top of her head. "Its gonna be all right." He'd have to keep thinking that way.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope they can get through this. :/

MOSAMUSE said...

they will get better

Sara Gerard said...

A good moment for them, they really do need each other.