Thursday, October 10, 2013



Oh, how could Spencer be happy playing music for old folks came to Connor's thoughts. Was this the only crowd in town for Spencer? Connor didn't think so, but he didn't want to fuss about it. He knew Spencer hated the online class he was taking. Again, Connor, didn't want to think he was at fault. He was only thinking of his boyfriend's future.

"You're going to be glad you, took that class." Connor hadn't taken Spencer as being old school until now. He was always frowning at his iPhone, lately. He didn't like the new features. After all, it was a present from Connor, but he was beginning to think it was just a headache to Spencer.

"Right." Spencer wasn't exactly in a spat with him, but then again, maybe they were just too nice to each other. Was that the problem?

"Look, I know you don't think I'm moving on." Yes, he did spend a lot of hours down at the animal shelter volunteering, and he had a job down at the mall with very slim hours at a little booth selling phones. It wasn't something he planned on making a career of. "But you, are stuck. Stuck at the old folks home."

"Hey, don't call it that." Spencer winced as if Connor hurt his feelings. All they were suppose to be doing was relaxing and watching some TV. Alone.

"OK, I'm sorry. Its just, I'm afraid you'll get old before your time if you're stuck there." Connor finally admitted it. He really didn't know how Spencer did it.

"Can you, please stop worrying about it. Its a job. And I love it." Spencer was dead serious.

"I know." Connor didn't mean to cross him. He understood that feeling about helping. In Spencer's case, old people. Connor knew he was at his best when he was helping animals. It was an amazing feeling that money could not buy.

He snuggled up to Spencer, but this was the other amazing feel he wanted too. "Its just, could you, at least, try to get the band back together." Connor sighed. "I just want to hear you do something more.. than a piano version of R.E.M. songs at that home." Even so, Spencer did a tremendous job of THE SMITH'S "Everyday is Like Sunday" on the piano.


Sara Gerard said...

It is good that he spoke up!

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Yay! Here's to hoping the band is reunited!! :)

mazzymay said...

Oh..its about time!

Anonymous said...

I really don't know how you keep all your characters straight! But I'm lov'n it!