Cory and Allie are on the brink of being on the outs. When Cory started in the band he used to date Lucy, but he never quite trusted her. Later, he met Allie who was a bit of a groupie with the band (Freaknoids). He found that she wasn't just a girl he could love, but she was talented too. Unfortunately, she has a past, depression and a life never quite where she wanted it to be. Perhaps, she can't trust herself to be happy. Especially, when Cory decided to go on the road over the summer with some other bands where he met Sage. Who, Allie is sure is more than a friend. Also, her ex Manny is back in town, and that's a bit unnerving for Allie.

Manny is the father of Allie's baby. He's also Gage's brother. He came back to town for Allie's help with Angie.
Sage is new in town. She came here because of
Cory, but when she found out he had a girlfriend, she moved on. He found a place for her at Spencer's. There she's taken on Gage who is like a brother to her. She feels the need to help Gage since Gage has a memory loss from an accident. He doesn't ever remember being in love with Spencer. He soon has a quick romance with Lucy as perhaps more of a learning lesson than anything. But with Sage's guidance, he just might be OK, after all. At least, he's trying and Sage is the closest to anything he can think of, like family.
Spencer thought he'd found true love when he found Gage who had been madly infatuated with him since high school. Just when life seemed to be perfect for the two of them, a truck ran over Gage and the end of their romance soon followed. Spencer did his best to be by Gage's side during his recovery. It seems now that Gage is no longer gay. Luckily, Spencer met Noah at the University where they are both art students. Spencer also plays the keyboard in the Freaknoids. Before he and Gage got together, he'd been involved with Todd, but that love story soon falter once Lucy was pregnant with Todd's baby.
Sarah and Lucy both loved the local band, The Freaknoids. Of course, a lot has happened since its started. Her first true love was Casey back in high school. After it ran its course, she fell head over heels for a girl singer, Cameron. Unfortunately, that didn't last long, either. Then, on a whim she met Todd's brother Craig. It felt as if everything was on track..except, he pinned the blame on her for a very high tech bank robbery where she worked. He left her in prison and pregnant. Now, old high school friend Ezra is back in her life. He is a bit of a quirky fellow who has epilepsy and very much a loner. Its hard to say if the timing is all wrong for each other.
Todd(K-Rad in earlier post) and Lucy have been best friends for a very long time. But during this time, they've been very close. Yet, Lucy was jealous when Todd got together with Spencer. Lucy has many flaws, everything from being a cutter to personality problems. But when she got pregnant Todd stood by her and even married her. They now have a little family with Lux and he's started his own salon which is sometimes a place the Freaknoids play. Unfortunately, its hard for Todd to trust Lucy after her little tryst with Gage, but he wants to work it out with Lucy, somehow.
Keith is Spencer's older brother who is a young professor at the nearby University. He's crazy about Benny who is the drummer in the Freaknoids. This is Benny's first real relationship. He had a crush on Todd while Spencer had a crush on Benny. Recently, Benny has become a tattoo artist. They don't always agree, but they still are fond of each other.
Casey is the lead singer of the Freaknoids. He's had a past with Sarah as well as Lucy. But he thinks of Sarah as family now. He had a one night stand with the local music reporter Nina and they ended up getting married on a drunken night. Nina now works for a TV local news network. She sees the potential in Casey that he is unaware of. She feels she'll have to boss him around until she gets what he wants out of him. She also wants to have a baby. After all, they just got married. While, Casey feels the first year of marriage should be the time to get to know each other before starting a family. Because of Nina and other distractions, recently, Todd has had to take over duties and the lead singer of the Freaknoids.

New friends that Gage and Sage work with are Declan and River. Declan hit it off with Sage at Halloween. He ended up giving her his grandmother's car. He was sure they were in love. Gage found that River might be his doppelganger, and hopes River hits it off with Spencer.