Wednesday, November 13, 2013

As the days go by

As the days go by

Sarah was so sick, lately. It started out in the mornings with terrible morning sickness that sometimes lasted iton the late afternoons. Just when Ezra thought she might give up her job as a secretary at the high school, things tapered off. Although, she only wanted Dr. Pepper and Ritz crackers for weeks.

And when it felt like it was full recovery and all would be ordinary once again from day to day, she did have a thing for chicken pot pie. A sad cold left her blowing her nose and coughing for the most part.

Ezra was sure it was all his fault, but he studied on his driver's test and finally passed on the second try. He really never was a parallel parking kind of guy. Probably never would be. Then there was finding a car and the insurance to go along with it.

Sarah's dad found them a deal on a used pickup truck. Although, Sarah kept insisting that Ezra was not a pickup truck kind of guy.

"What will they think when you get to the church or even the record company?" She fumed when her Dad handed Ezra over the keys.

"Who cares as long as I can get there and back." Ezra looked at her puzzled, thinking all along what she really wanted was a stockbroker who could take care of her. Well, it was a little too late for that. But his instramental music was selling at church and other religious places, he'd just finished up with an instrumental CD of Christmas music.

At least her dad saw the progress. For the first time he really felt he had a Dad too, even if he was his father-in-law.  Sarah's dad mentioned how Ezra was helping out with the Christmas musical down at the playhouse. It would start the day after Thanksgiving until the day before Christmas eve. He was directing the orchestra. Actually, it was a labor of love and nothing more.

Just when Ezra felt he was enlightened with happiness and joy, he could clearly see Sarah was miserable.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

What's next?

Sage & Gage prt. 2

It was down to this. Riley and his wife had been at Gage's since Halloween. And they were wearing out their welcome.

Sure, Riley's wife Bev loved Skyler. Actually, she couldn't get enough of the baby. She practically took over the babysitting. Which Gage knew Sage was not fond of. But she'd been reluctant because there were things she needed to do even if her workload had been light, lately.

But they didn't really know Bev, and Gage kept having nightmares that he'd wake up and Riley and Bev would be gone with the baby.

He couldn't help but feel a little put off with a brother who was a total stranger to him. Yet Riley made himself at home. Still Manny wasn't exactly that happy to see him, either.

"Well, is he sketchy or what?" Gage wanted to know when he got Manny alone. All he got was a shrug out of his little brother.

"I hadn't seen him in a while, that's all." Manny sighed.

"OK, so how did he end up with Bev?" Gage couldn't help but ask. He kept picturing his older brother on the run with her, as if they might be bank robbers or something. Although, Bev did show Sage how to make quick salad dressings out of mayo and ketchup.

"She..she was with Dad..first." Manny was tight lipped.

"Dad?" Gage squinted hard in disbelief. He shook his head. "Why didn't any of you tell me, anything?"

"I'd..I really wanted to forget about it, you know." Manny looked soured with disgust. It was as if she might have been their step-mother..but then wasn't.

"OK." Gage guessed he could let it go. "I wish he'd tell me if they were moving back or something." Gage sighed. Frankly, he just wanted his house back. Perhaps, it was selfish, but did he really want his older brother living with him?

Monday, October 14, 2013

in good company

Sage & Gage

"OK, so why didn't anyone tell me... you, had another brother?" Sage held on to the baby, wishing she had all the time in the world, but as it was she was back at work and Gage was looking at something on his laptop.

"You'll just have to ask Manny about tha,t because I dunno. Really, I dunno." He looked up at her. He got up and took baby Skylar from her. "He just said he'd be in town for a day or two." Gage spoke to Riley on the phone.

"Right." They'd hurried the last twenty-four hours trying to get the place picked up and the fridge cleaned out. Still, Manny was being rather aloof about this brother, Riley that no one ever bothered to mention.

"Manny says he just left as soon as he could. Actually, he ranaway when he was still in high school." Gage shrugged.

"I guess he didn't like your Dad, either." She looked at him blankly, unsure what to expect.

"Evidently." Gage didn't seem to worry one way or another. She could see he had his hands full and was enjoying every minute with Skylar. After all, there was a roast in the crockpot and potatoes on to boil along with fresh green beans.

About then the doorbell rang.

Riley was not alone.

Sage winced. She wished Manny was here. What if this was just somebody who said he was Gage's brother, but he actually wasn't. Gage would have no way of knowing since he had no real memory of his past. Not since his accident.

Instead, Riley gave Sage a hearty handshake and a big hug. He introduced his wife Beverly who looked old enough to be his mother.

Thursday, October 10, 2013



Oh, how could Spencer be happy playing music for old folks came to Connor's thoughts. Was this the only crowd in town for Spencer? Connor didn't think so, but he didn't want to fuss about it. He knew Spencer hated the online class he was taking. Again, Connor, didn't want to think he was at fault. He was only thinking of his boyfriend's future.

"You're going to be glad you, took that class." Connor hadn't taken Spencer as being old school until now. He was always frowning at his iPhone, lately. He didn't like the new features. After all, it was a present from Connor, but he was beginning to think it was just a headache to Spencer.

"Right." Spencer wasn't exactly in a spat with him, but then again, maybe they were just too nice to each other. Was that the problem?

"Look, I know you don't think I'm moving on." Yes, he did spend a lot of hours down at the animal shelter volunteering, and he had a job down at the mall with very slim hours at a little booth selling phones. It wasn't something he planned on making a career of. "But you, are stuck. Stuck at the old folks home."

"Hey, don't call it that." Spencer winced as if Connor hurt his feelings. All they were suppose to be doing was relaxing and watching some TV. Alone.

"OK, I'm sorry. Its just, I'm afraid you'll get old before your time if you're stuck there." Connor finally admitted it. He really didn't know how Spencer did it.

"Can you, please stop worrying about it. Its a job. And I love it." Spencer was dead serious.

"I know." Connor didn't mean to cross him. He understood that feeling about helping. In Spencer's case, old people. Connor knew he was at his best when he was helping animals. It was an amazing feeling that money could not buy.

He snuggled up to Spencer, but this was the other amazing feel he wanted too. "Its just, could you, at least, try to get the band back together." Connor sighed. "I just want to hear you do something more.. than a piano version of R.E.M. songs at that home." Even so, Spencer did a tremendous job of THE SMITH'S "Everyday is Like Sunday" on the piano.

Friday, September 13, 2013

St. Gerome

St. Gerome

The online class was about to do Spencer in. He really wasn't sure if Web design was the way to go. Sure, he loved art. And there were so many graphic artisst out there. He really felt it was so competitive. Besides, he was practically a fitness guru at the nursing home.

Well, not actually. He was no Richard Simmons, but he got them to move around. Sing. It was a light hearted party, everyday..which lasted about four hours every afternoon with different groups of old timers. Sure, he'd taken a CPR course. Naturally, the director wanted him to sign up to be a medic.

Suddenly, he didn't know which way to go so it was therapeutic to help Cam with his art project last week. He uncovered some of his old art pieces in the basement realizing they were just way too dark. He found them god awful even if Noah praised them as if he was going to be a noted artist of some kind. He was certain no one would ever want them donned on a livingroom wall. Definitely, not a business.

It was best to get back to reality upstairs. But he saw Craig with the newspaper, circling places to rent.

"You, sure you want to move?" Spencer reminded him that Cam just started school. Would they want to movie him? Again?

"That's why I'm looking for places close by." Craig was straight lipped. He acted as if it were time for them to move on. Find their own home.

Spence couldn't help but feel sad. He loved having Cam around. It was great to watch him learn with the paint brush. He had someone to discuss color with, even if it were in elementary terms.

"I guess we all need to make decisions." Craig sounded so ominous. "I know Jess is expecting me to..come through for her. That includes Cam, too. I have to take this serious. He needs a good Dad. I think I can be that."

"And Jess?" Spencer wanted to know if he did love her.

"Well, of course, I love her. Its just, there is a lot more to it than some romantic notion." He sighed. "And I know, I have let Sarah get the best to me. But its Jake, I was worried about. I dunno if I'll ever be the father to him..I really want to be."

Spencer guessed he understood. He went to pour himself a cup of coffee. Life was complicated, but it was those complications he'd rather have than being alone.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

another school year

Jess and Craig

"Well, at least he's on his meds," Jess said as she looked Craig over. She couldn't tell anymore if he was really happy. She thought she could detect a smile, ever so often. Since Ezra got out of the hospital and was on medication for his epilepsy, Craig was being ever so sullen.

"Look, I know you're in hate and all with Sarah, but it really looks miserable on you," Jess reminded him as she pulled him along through the halls of Cam's school. They were going to meet his teacher this year. For once, she was happy to be here. She wasn't alone, like usual. Still, she was about ready to kick Craig in the shins. "I need you to act like you want to be here." She looked up at him. "You, don't have to do it for me. Do it for Cam."

"OK." He sighed as if he'd try to do his best to be that boyfriend she wanted. He held her hand properly as they passed the book sale room.

"Mom, can I get a book?" Naturally, Cam jumped for joy when he saw all the children's books."Please."

"We'll see, lets go to your room first. Meet your teacher." She told him. They never went to the booksale before because it was always so expensive.

Of course, Cam plodded along because he knew it would be another year that he didn't get to the booksale.

"Maybe, we should check it out now, before all the good stuff is gone," Craig said.

Cam perked up, but Jess gave him her serious mother look.

"But show me some of your art. I want to see it." Craig pointed to Cameron's name on a watercolor near his classroom.

"How did you know it was mine?" Cam grinned.

Craig only shrugged with a smile. He got out his phone and took a picture of Cam by his race car picture. On they went for more pictures. He took a photo of Cam at his desk. Another with Jess and Cam at the bulletin board.

For the first time, Jess felt like it was going to be a good school year for Cam.

Craig and Cam went off to the booksale while Jess waited to see his teacher. Maybe they weren't a real family, but it felt like a start. She just hoped Craig was serious about them as he was with Sarah and the baby.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

these are the days

things are weird

"This is just crazy. Totally insane." Lucy wailed as she uncovered left overs in the fridge to throw away.

"Are we still talking about Ezra and Sarah?" Todd stared at Lucy's back side, thinking it was a little funny that Lucy would talk about crazy. Usually, it was a term in a sentence with Lucy's name, not Sarah's.

"Yes." She looked back at him, ready to toss some old moldy cheese on him, but last second she chunk it in the trash.

"I mean, Sarah was the one who ended up in the hospital." She rolled her eyes. "She should have known better than to let her self get dehydrated like that."

"Well..maybe she didn't know about the baby." Todd winced as he went to pour the hot pot of tea in cups. They were having their afternoon tea with crumpets which Lucy found she was not fond of, unless cream cheese was on them.

"I guess." But it didn't sound like Lucy was giving Sarah the benefit of the doubt.

"Let's just be happy for them, OK?" Todd put chocolate almond butter on his.

"Of course," Lucy said as if she'd be good when Sarah got home.

"You, won't tease her, how she said she'd never ever have another baby." Todd glared at her. He knew she was talking nonsense to Lucy when she was in labor with Jake, but Lucy took it to heart.

"All right." Lucy shrugged in her butterfly robe.

"Besides, people are starting to worry about you." Todd didn't mean to sound testy. "You, need to actually wear work clothes downstairs, instead of being in your pajamas all day."

"But they're relaxing." She begged to differ ever so sweetly with a sly wink.

It all started when Lux got her ear infection. He knew Lucy wasn't exactly sleeping through the night, anymore. She napped a lot during the day. Sometimes, when Lux didn't even nap. It wasn't that he wanted to deprive her, but sometimes, he was starting to wonder if he needed a babysitter for Lucy.

"Whatever, you need to dress, properly. I don't want my customers thinking...thinking we've got a bed and breakfast where all you do is stay in bed." He hoped she understood, but there were young mothers coming into his  shop wanting their little ones to have a happy time getting their first haircut when they were welcomed by somebody who looked more like a gypsy on a very bad hair day who looked as if she'd spent all night at a geisha house.