Thursday, August 22, 2013

these are the days

things are weird

"This is just crazy. Totally insane." Lucy wailed as she uncovered left overs in the fridge to throw away.

"Are we still talking about Ezra and Sarah?" Todd stared at Lucy's back side, thinking it was a little funny that Lucy would talk about crazy. Usually, it was a term in a sentence with Lucy's name, not Sarah's.

"Yes." She looked back at him, ready to toss some old moldy cheese on him, but last second she chunk it in the trash.

"I mean, Sarah was the one who ended up in the hospital." She rolled her eyes. "She should have known better than to let her self get dehydrated like that."

"Well..maybe she didn't know about the baby." Todd winced as he went to pour the hot pot of tea in cups. They were having their afternoon tea with crumpets which Lucy found she was not fond of, unless cream cheese was on them.

"I guess." But it didn't sound like Lucy was giving Sarah the benefit of the doubt.

"Let's just be happy for them, OK?" Todd put chocolate almond butter on his.

"Of course," Lucy said as if she'd be good when Sarah got home.

"You, won't tease her, how she said she'd never ever have another baby." Todd glared at her. He knew she was talking nonsense to Lucy when she was in labor with Jake, but Lucy took it to heart.

"All right." Lucy shrugged in her butterfly robe.

"Besides, people are starting to worry about you." Todd didn't mean to sound testy. "You, need to actually wear work clothes downstairs, instead of being in your pajamas all day."

"But they're relaxing." She begged to differ ever so sweetly with a sly wink.

It all started when Lux got her ear infection. He knew Lucy wasn't exactly sleeping through the night, anymore. She napped a lot during the day. Sometimes, when Lux didn't even nap. It wasn't that he wanted to deprive her, but sometimes, he was starting to wonder if he needed a babysitter for Lucy.

"Whatever, you need to dress, properly. I don't want my customers thinking...thinking we've got a bed and breakfast where all you do is stay in bed." He hoped she understood, but there were young mothers coming into his  shop wanting their little ones to have a happy time getting their first haircut when they were welcomed by somebody who looked more like a gypsy on a very bad hair day who looked as if she'd spent all night at a geisha house.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope that Lucy listens to him. :/

Sara said...

Poor Lucy,. but she needs to be mindful here, it is a business!

MOSAMUSE said...

things will get better

MOSAMUSE said...

aww lucy :(

Unknown said...

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Poor Lucy,. be that as it may, she should be careful here, it is a business!