Friday, September 13, 2013

St. Gerome

St. Gerome

The online class was about to do Spencer in. He really wasn't sure if Web design was the way to go. Sure, he loved art. And there were so many graphic artisst out there. He really felt it was so competitive. Besides, he was practically a fitness guru at the nursing home.

Well, not actually. He was no Richard Simmons, but he got them to move around. Sing. It was a light hearted party, everyday..which lasted about four hours every afternoon with different groups of old timers. Sure, he'd taken a CPR course. Naturally, the director wanted him to sign up to be a medic.

Suddenly, he didn't know which way to go so it was therapeutic to help Cam with his art project last week. He uncovered some of his old art pieces in the basement realizing they were just way too dark. He found them god awful even if Noah praised them as if he was going to be a noted artist of some kind. He was certain no one would ever want them donned on a livingroom wall. Definitely, not a business.

It was best to get back to reality upstairs. But he saw Craig with the newspaper, circling places to rent.

"You, sure you want to move?" Spencer reminded him that Cam just started school. Would they want to movie him? Again?

"That's why I'm looking for places close by." Craig was straight lipped. He acted as if it were time for them to move on. Find their own home.

Spence couldn't help but feel sad. He loved having Cam around. It was great to watch him learn with the paint brush. He had someone to discuss color with, even if it were in elementary terms.

"I guess we all need to make decisions." Craig sounded so ominous. "I know Jess is expecting me to..come through for her. That includes Cam, too. I have to take this serious. He needs a good Dad. I think I can be that."

"And Jess?" Spencer wanted to know if he did love her.

"Well, of course, I love her. Its just, there is a lot more to it than some romantic notion." He sighed. "And I know, I have let Sarah get the best to me. But its Jake, I was worried about. I dunno if I'll ever be the father to him..I really want to be."

Spencer guessed he understood. He went to pour himself a cup of coffee. Life was complicated, but it was those complications he'd rather have than being alone.


Cafe Fashionista said...

It's true...complications are better than loneliness. :)

Sara said...

He is so right, better to be complicated with the ones you love than be alone.

MOSAMUSE said...

i prefer loneliness to complications