Saturday, June 19, 2010

oh so touchy

"So, you're saying you don't want me to touch Cory's hair?" Ka-Rad looked at Lucy wide eyed.

"No." She was playing around with the smoothie they'd gotten at the bookstore near where he worked. He'd taken a break when she came into the salon. He could see she needed someone to talk too.

"Why?" Did she think he was not good enough. He cut her hair all the time.

"Cause, I like him just the way he is." She sighed with a sly smile. "God, I think I'm in love." She almost laughed, but got serious. " And, and how do you really" She stopped herself form asking him. "...I'm really  getting in to know him, I want-"

"Lucy, don't rush into this sort of thing." Ka-Rad touched her hand then. Wasn't she wise enough to know not to rush love? "You have all the time in the world." She was talking about losing her virginity, wasn't she?

If she went for it, then he was afraid, he'd have to go for it too. He was older and than her and no way wanted to complicate his life. They'd been best friends forever.

"I know, I guess. I dunno." She sighed as if she'd be sad until that very thing happened. "Maybe not. I want it to be the best with him, but what if its not?" Lucy winced.

"You have to be really sure, so you need to go out more. Talk. Endlessly. Maybe see what he's made of when he's drunk." Ka-Rad gave her a silly grin then. "If he's stupid shit, forget him, will you, now?" Ka-Rad informed her.

"Cory would be great. I just know. I don't need to do that. Its just, it might happen. It really might." She nodded.

"Look, I dunno what love even is, babe. You want it to be love. Not lust." Ka-Rad scowled.

"I know. Exactly what it is with Cory." She sucked on her smoothie more as if to ignore him.

Ka-rad straightened his green plaid kilt then and smoothed down his hot pink T.

"The guys are playing tonight. Do you want to come?" She looked up at him.

"Sure." Ka-Rad had nothing better to do. "And we could all hang out after the show."

"Yeah, of course." He felt so unlucky in love.  Except, Old man Spinner, his boss, who was definitely off limits. No way would he let that old freak sink his teeth in him. Really, it would be nice to find a boy who wanted what he did. Naturally, that seemed to never happen.


ellie said...

Ka-Rad seems like the perfect BBF.

misty said...

He's so caring.

Fenny said...

Ka-Rad maybe can being nice best friend.

knk said...

very touch we always need some one to care us

nice post

happy weekend

Holly said...

I love Ka-rad already.

Nathalie said...

cute story

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Cute story :-)

Cheers: Evi

meg said...

I do think he's a good friend.

ori said...

I so adore him.

knk said...

how are you my dear friend
today i was tired listening real stories ,
today i was talking with a friend
she was dumped by a guy,
she was a rich girl he was a poor mechanic
she pay his studies and all ,
now he uses her with love,
few month both enjoyed day and night ,
and finally today he left city with her money

so sad ha

axel said...

I think Ka-Rad is a good friend, indeed.

knk said...

hai how are you today
i am so tired today

Fenny said...

nice story :)