Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the things you do

Sarah wasn't completely sold on this job at the office. Sure, she got to dress up. Where her pumps and what not. But it was absolutely boring.

"You could stay over this weekend." Cameron suggested when she stopped by for lunch. Sarah hadn't expected to have her pop in. They weren't that cozy.

OK, they could have been.

They'd kissed one night after one of Cameron's shows. But they'd both been a little drunk. And Sarah really tried not to think about it now. She wanted to be friends, but it seemed Cameron had a way of making it more than that. Like now, when Cameron wanted to hold her hand, Sarah would have nothing to do with that. People would be watching. It made Sarah nervous.

"Did you talk to Ste?" Sarah wanted to know while they were at the salad bar. She wanted him to see the freaknoids and sign them. Hopefully.

"He asked about you." Cameron shrugged.

"Really?" Sarah hadn't expected that. She'd talked up freaknoids quite a bit at the party she'd been to with Cameron. "Maybe he'd come to the show."

"Ste? Are you kidding me." Cameron laughed.

"But? Could you try, you know. Please?" Sarah begged.

"Do I get a kiss out of this?" Cameron teased.

Sarah rolled her eyes.

"They need this. They do." She promised they'd be excellent tonight. She hoped she was right.


ori said...

I hope so too...hmmm..cameron & sarah..hehehe..

simon and josh said...

could they possibly hook up???

ellie said...

I hope they have a good time...

Fenny said...

errr they must hook up

misty said...

Can't wait for the show.

meg said...

Well, I can't wait to see where this might go.

Holly said...

I am looking forward to the next one.