Sunday, June 13, 2010

want not to wish

Spencer was in love. It was rather unrequited. Actually. As it was, he was determined not to look love in the face. At the moment, his love was beating the drums out of control like a crazy fool.

"What is your problem?" Casey winced.

"What?" Benny gave him a wince with attitude once he'd stopped the ruckus.

"You are way ahead, man. Like on the next song. Are you OK?" Casey wanted to know.

"Of course." Benny shrugged.

"Hey, we should just go punk." Spence suggested. "It would be brilliant." Naturally, he'd always be on Benny's side. No matter what. He gave him an open smile.

"Like you know anything." Casey rolled his eyes. He went to fiddle with his amp then.

"You feeling hyper, huh?" Spence looked at Benny who shot him the finger. He expected, as much. The dude never had anything kind to say, and yet Spencer was always there to do what ever Benny had time for. They'd checked out the hair-dude. As of yet, he hadn't touched their locks. But Spencer hadn't brought that up. He went to mess with his guitar. It sucked to be in this band.. only it was the only thing he knew.

He felt as if he'd had his heart stomped on. And it felt pretty good, in spite of it. He was here with Benny. What more could he want?


ellie said...

I feel sad for Spencer.

simon and josh said...

How could he be that way to Spencer?

ediot said...

hope youre having a wonderful monday.take care


knk said...

hi lucy and sarah

how are you today
hope you are happy

take care
enjoy moday

see you soon

meg said...

Dang, about Spence. He seems sweet, though.

the oaks said...

Hope Benny figures out what he's missing.

A Brit Greek said...

Hey girls,

Hope you're cool. Thanks for stopping by!


knk said...



waiting for your next post

Angela said...

I know what more should he want... I mean i can use my imagination.