Monday, July 12, 2010

Luck of the draw

"WOW!" What more could Lucy say. She was back in the alley of venders at a coffee table. She'd gone good school girl wardrobe. In black plaid, a tucked in white shirt and loose striped tie. She was dying in this heat and humidity. But she nursed on a red sucker as she pulled up her black knee socks. The saddle shoes were painful too, yet she looked really good with the two dog ear ponytails that Ka-Rad had done for her. As it was he was sitting with her, nodding ever so slightly to the music.

"I'm like really feel'n it, you know." He grinned as he looked at her.

"Yeah, and you haven't even smoked anything yet." Lucy beamed.

It wasn't long they were selling T-shirts and CDs to kids. 10 bucks for the CD. 20 bucks for the T-shirts. Lucy was shocked. People wanted freaknoids stuff.  She kept smiling as she and Ka-Rad did business with the crowd. This was really starting to pay off. This didn't always happen. But they were racking it in.

"I like how they twist it, you know." Some stringy haired boy told Lucy.

"Yeah, they're twisted." Lucy slightly giggled as she took 30 bucks from the boy. He slipped out of his black T and put on The band T, right there. Lucy kept smiling. It was a good night. They might not win, but they were selling out their shit. She'd have to order more, tonight, she guessed.

"I wonder how we got lucky, tonight." Lucy looked at Ka-Rad then.

"It had nothing to do with luck." Ka-Rad assured her.

Lucy wanted to think it might be the rain, but maybe it was Ka-Rad. Yeah, he'd been here to help.

"Maybe you're our lucky rabbit." Lucy gave him a sly look.

"Rabbit foot? You mean?" Ka-Rad winced with a smile.

"Whatever." Lucy just wanted the money to keep coming.


meg said...

Oh boy. Looks interesting.

Meg said...

It's good they're making money.

ori said...

yeah for them!


we all wish it!


ellie said...

oh what a night.

Em [the writer] said...

This was a good post, but it hurt my eyes reading it. It felt as if it was wider in the middle.