Friday, July 30, 2010

thinking back

Ka-Rad thought he'd heard Lucy stir. He guessed he was mistaken. He pulled on his jeans and went to the kitchen to make pancakes. As usual, her Dad was on his route. The truck-driver was never home. Sometimes, Ka-Rad felt he was the only family Lucy had. He hated to see her alone. And he knew she thrived in seeing how long she could go without eating. It had something to do with her resourcefulness, she told him. But he thought it might be a slight eating disorder.

"See, if you manage these." He brought her breakfast in bed. If she could at least choke down the milk, he knew he would have at least accomplished one thing.

"I feel like some fool." She was hurt that she didn't even remember coming home.

"Well, maybe if you'd eaten something instead of just drank like fish, you would." Ka-Rad shrugged, watching her as she took a bite of the pancake and strawberries. "Are you disappointed that you ended up here with me instead of you know who?"

She shook her head, no.

"He wouldn't have taken advantage of you?" Ka-Rad was sure of it. Cory had handed her over to him. She was like a baby, sleeping in his arms, and she hadn't budged the whole way home.

"Yeah, I know. He lives in his grandma's basement." Lucy played with the pieces of fruit and syrup.

"Now wouldn't that have been fun to watch? To see how that would have played out this morning." Ka-Rad just smiled as he took a slice of strawberry to eat and licked his fingers.

"How was your night?" Lucy then asked.

"Oh, I dunno. Kind of mystifying. Maybe." He shrugged setting next to her in bed.

"Really? Well, what happened?"

"How long has Spencer and Benny been..been friends??" Ka-Rad wanted to know as he licked his dry lips. He was a little uncertain about Benny, but he knew for a fact of Spencer's feelings for Benny. He thought of that sad look Spencer had given him.

"I dunno. Forever. Maybe." Lucy took a bite of pancake then and she fed Ka-Rad a slice. "Why?"

"Well, you think Benny knows that Spencer is in love with him?" Ka-Rad concluded.

"Are you sure?" Lucy just smiled.

"Pretty sure." Ka-Rad nodded. He would hate to come between them.


beckyxoxo said...

Great one ! Thanks for your comment !

ellie said...

Ka-Rad is quite a guy....=D

emily said...

i really like your writing, this was a nice change from all the usual fashion posts i see haha :)

meg said...

This is getting so interesting.

cass and cady said...

Great stuff.

so jade said...

I wonder what Ka-Rad has in mind.

the oaks said...

I luv him.

maxxie n tony said...

great stuff!