Sunday, August 1, 2010

moving on

Casey's stomach growled as he showered. Sarah stayed over. But she'd slept in her clothes. So had he. It was like being in seventh grade all over, again. One summer, they'd been crazy about each other. They were going into their senior year of high school. It had been so sickening, but they couldn't get enough of each other back then. Everything was so new and exactly what they'd been waiting for. Anyone would have thought they could have been fucking bunnies.

Casey was sure of it now, they were both late bloomers. Or maybe she was like a sister that he'd had sex with and now they knew it was over. So over. And yet, he could still sleep with her, just to sleep.

Suddenly, the power went off mid-way as he was rinsing his hair. He was in total darkness.

"OH COME ON!" He knew he'd paid the bill. It couldn't be his fault. At least the water ran, but he was in the dark. The water turned cold. He quickly finished up and dried off.

Sarah had coffee waiting.

"We can meet them at 2, you know." She shrugged.

Casey just nodded as he drank the black coffee. So much for the weekend. He would be back at the school cleaning toilets come Monday. He was a janitor there.

He let his towel drop from his waist then as he went to put on his jeans. He was sure Sarah didn't care if he walked around nude. Of course, his little place was packed with bookshelves full of graphic novels and dvd's surrounding his bed. He could picture the horror someday if an earthquake hit. Thankfully, it was mostly light reading. Her place was much more grownup, but she never let him come over because she was afraid he might mess it up.

He slipped in to fit black tank and grabbed his light weight jean jacket.

"What am I suppose to say?" Better yet, let Sarah do all the talking. After all, all he did was sing in a band.

"We'll play it by ear." She kind winked. Casey just smiled, that meant he needed to shut up.


ori said...

What an interesting situation.

ellie said...

I like them together. Good friends.

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the oaks said...

I think this was cute.

simon and josh said...

I'm glad you updated.

ayşegül said...

very cool/ınterestıng..go on .xoxox
love y . xoxo