Monday, August 30, 2010

just dinner

"Do you really want to help out those blokes of yours?" Ste was leaning against Sarah's car as she was coming out of the building where she worked.

"I guess.' She was shocked to see him. He was the last person she expected.

"Then let me take you to dinner." His sly smile creep-ed her a bit as she was trying to unlock her car. "Shall we?" He showed her to his sporty black car.

"Oh. Right now?" She so wanted to get out of her work clothes. Really, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich was all she needed. Chat online with Cameron for a bit and it was sleepy-time.

"Of course." He beeped the security on the car and they slid into the leather seats and off they went to some place she'd never been before. Naturally, they ate foods she'd never heard before.

"You are rather sheltered, aren't you?" Ste had to laugh as he sipped his martini. She at least had a strawberry margarita.

"Sheltered? No." She didn't believe so, but maybe she was. What was he talking about, anyway?

"So that boy, you are seeing." Ste gave her a serious wince. "Just how quaint is it?"

"Its, you know." She shrugged. Did she really have to say anything about Casey. "We go way back."

"What? To the crib?" He snickered as he reached for some sushi.

"Just high school." She ate the fruit from her drink then.

Suddenly, she felt his arm around her. He nuzzled against her ear. She shivered ever so slightly, but she knew he read the sign wrong. He was definitely wanting more of her tonight than she knew she couldn't give.


E.L. said...

I would not want to be there with him.

Sara Lynn said...

I hope she is careful, she should have said no.

ellie said...

Sticky situation. Hope she gets out of it.

ori said...

How will she get out of this?

Meg said...

Eww, he's creepy. She shouldn't have got in the car with him.

meg said...

She better be careful

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope she gets out of this one okay. :/

Syed said...

Eurgh, Steve needs to back the heck off.