Wednesday, September 1, 2010

rules of attraction

Ka-Rad stayed after everyone left.

"I dunno if I should be here." Ka-Rad festered a frown as if he'd made things worse than he meant too.

"My grandma's on a cruise. She won't be back til the middle of next month." Spencer sat next to him on the couch in the livingroom, hugging himself.

"That must be nice." Ka-Rad sighed.

"Guess so." Spencer acted as if he didn't know.

"Sorry." Ka-Rad found himself saying.

"Its OK." Spencer bit at thumb nail.

"I really like you." Ka-Rad told him. That was all he needed to say because Spencer was there for him. They kissed then as if the lovefest was to begin. Immediately. They kissed on the couch for sometime, until it bothered Spencer that all the world could see them behind the thin curtains across the bay window.

"I could turn out the light." Ka-Rad suggested. Spencer's  idea was far better. His room. It was just down the hall. They traipsed down the thick shag green carpet matted to the floor. The place really was a throwback of the 70's, but Ka-Rad wouldn't bitch about it. It was a pleasant enough place and that bed of Spencer's was neat as a board. Thin, but so perfectly neat.

"I don't want to kiss a girl." Spence told him as he undid Ka-Rad's hair.

"Well, it didn't stop you before, now did it?" Ka-Rad pursed his lips. Next Spencer pulled Ka-Rad's T-shirt over his head. He just stared at him then. Ka-Rad expected him to say something, but Spencer took off his T, too.

Hesitation arrived. Finally.

"Look, I have a little something to take the edge off." He got out the rolled cigarette then.

"I don't want to take the edge off." Spencer told him. He stripped down to his gray jockeys.

Well, Ka-Rad needed to take the edge off. He lit the cigarette and sat there at the edge of the bed with it. Spencer climbed around him and sat there at his back. His legs dangled around Ka-Rad's as if he were a spider moving in for the kill. He felt Spencer's lips on his neck and his shoulders as his hands came around him and found what was really giving Ka-Rad a sensation. Spencer touched his penis. Ka-Rad gave way. It was definitely inviting. The cigarette did nothing for him like Spencer did.

Ka-Rad shut his eyes tight, feeling Spencer's fingers prodding, pushing, pulling. It was pleasantly wicked and so genuine. Seriously, he'd never let anyone get this far with him. Never.

It stopped. Spencer's touch. Ka-Rad nursed the cigarette as if to keep him centered. He felt the bed wobble as Spencer moved. Next thing he knew he saw the foiled condom that Spencer was handing over.

"What?" Ka-Rad looked at it funny. "What am I suppose to do with that?" He held it in his hand as if he might find directions on how to use it.

"You don't know?" Spencer wrapped his arms around him and sucked a bit at his shoulder. Again, Ka-Rad thought he might melt. He was wet for him, already.

"God, must we?" Ka-Rad was getting nervous.

"Come on, I want you too. Will you fuck me?" Spencer said, barely in his breath.

"Can't. Really. Seriously. I don't want too." Ka-Rad slightly scowled.

"Why not?"

"Its not what I do." Ka-Rad bit his bottom lip.

"Shit." Spencer fell back across the bed. "What are you good for then? Seriously, I want to be fucked."

"Who have you fucked?" Ka-Rad looked over his shoulder. "You know, who fucked you?"

He could see Spencer wasn't really up for story-telling by the look on his face. It was as if he'd brought up a ghost of some kind.

"I just want it with someone who cares about me. Not, not someone who wants to make me a victim." He melted into tears then.

Ka-Rad handed the cigarette over to Spencer. He supposed they could touch. He laid next to Spencer then. Perhaps anything was possible, but he was pretty sure they were just girlfriends. And they needed a guy. And the only guy they could think of was Benny.

"Do you think we could possibly share him?" Ka-Rad finally asked after the quietness for sometime.

"He doesn't want me." Spencer reminded him.

"Right." Ka-Rad looked back at the condom. He supposed he could just let Spence do his magic. He put out the cigarette then. "Don't make me regret this."

Spencer kissed his lips then, and his chest. He made everything kissable on Ka-Rad's body that was soon fuckable.


ori said...

I love this conversation.

Sara Lynn said...

Wow, at least they are good for each other. Sounds like they both are a tiny bit unsure of what they want though.

molly said...

oh my, this'll change everything.

holly O said...

cool happening.

meg said...

Lets hope they won't regret this.

Laura Tenshi said...

Oh wow, that's intense.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope everything works out. :/

ellie said... there NO going back?