Monday, September 27, 2010

getting it together

Spencer hadn't heard from Ka-Rad in days. It was like the silent treatment. And he had no way of getting ahold of him because he had Ka-Rad's cell. He finally got up the nerve to go down to the salon and meet up with Ka-Rad, after work.

"Is something wrong?" Spencer handed over his cell as if maybe they were finished.

"Fuck." Ka-Rad shoved the phone in his pocket. "Its Lucy." He then shrugged.

"Yeah? What about her?" They walked out into the street then and went down to the nearby bar. Ka-Rad got them drinks and they went to the back corner with their vodka and juice.

"I dunno. She got beat up, but I never could get her to go down to the police station. I was so hoping she'd press charges against the asshole who banged her pretty bad." He described her black eyes and the bruieses. "I had no choice. I had to stay with her. I had too. I should have called." Ka-Rad let a smile slip. "Hell, I dunno my phone number."

"Its OK." Spencer understood. "You're always looking out for the rest of us." He let a smile slip too. Ka-Rad gave him a thoughtful stare back. They sipped their drinks. The more Spencer stared at Ka-Rad, he knew he wanted him. They wanted each other.

"You wanna do some weed?" Ka-Rad asked when he got down to just the ice in his drink.

"Sure." That could only mean something else Spencer imagined. Yeah, lots of possibilties with Ka-Rad.


ellie said...

oh boy, how does Ka-Rad do it.

Laura Tenshi said...

That's very nice to him to protect her like that and take care of her when she was hurt.

molly said...

I hope Karad won't be a natural born liar.

meg said...

I dunno. I love Ka-Rad but I'm afraid he's going bad.

She is Sara said...

I think Ka-rad is getting in over his head with everyone, he really does care a lot.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope he knows what he's doing! :/

ori said...

Spencer is like the best boyfriend ever. I hope Karad knows that.

DFF said...

I hope he doesn't hurt Spencer.