Wednesday, September 29, 2010

somewhere in the middle

It was getting so warm with Spencer. How could Ka-Rad forget about him like that, seriously? Ka-Rad was pretty mad at himself about this whole Lucy incident. He knew he shouldn't have let it happen. He was hoping it wouldn't, but then it did, and he didn't want to think about it ever happening, again.

What the fuck had happened to him? Ka-Rad nursed the reefer. He wanted it to help, but there were thoughts of Lucy coming over him like a witchy vixen of some kind. It made him hard just thinking about it. Here he was with his boyfriend.

He sat there with Spencer. They'd had a laugh of two. Spencer started with the kissing that just grew. He'd given him a hickey on his neck and then his chest around his tit. It was getting closer to the enviable. Spencer wanted to do him. Of course as Ka-Rad laid back, he suddenly wondered if Spencer would know just where his penis had been. He sucked in the reefer, trying not to think on it, but Spencer was leaving him so vulnerable now. Spencer was amazing with those fingers of his and when his mouth just got closer...Ka-Rad tensed. How could he just let him do this?

After Spencer made his mark on Ka-Rad's pelvic, he went down on him. Ka-Rad let the reefer ash. Yeah, he knew exactly why he wanted to be here now.


meg said...

He's a bad boy. I hope he makes up his mind.

the oaks said...

I must admit he reminds me of my cat. He just gives it matter what.

ellie said...

hahaha..the oaks.

Well, hopefully, he'll figure out what to do or what he wants.

simon and josh said...

I hope he won't hurt Spencer.

Holly said...

Spencer is just too sexy for Ka-Rad, sometimes. Or is that the other way around?