Tuesday, September 7, 2010

taking the high road

"It was Ka-Rad's fault, you know." Cory informed Lucy a couple of days later when they were walking down to the strip mall to find a movie to rent.

"No, it wasn't." Her eyes lit  at him as her flip-flops clicked against the hot pavement.

"Yeah, huh." Cory stopped then and gave Lucy a glare.

"Stop it, will you? You don't even know, Ka-Rad, all right?" Lucy pursed her lips with her hands on her hips.

"Oh, he's just perfect. He's the only dude you'll sleep with." Cory shrugged and walked on. She had to pick up her feet to catch up.

"Hold on, Mister Killjoy, what are getting at?" She grabbed his arm, giving him a bitter look.

"That some people are lucky, and some aren't." He was straight lipped, but almost a festered frown took over.

"Lucky? Huh?" She just didn't get it.

"I know about you and Casey." He glared at her.

"It wasn't like that." She winced. "He was all high, and I wouldn't have. I wouldn't." She turned away then. As if this was his fault. Making her mad, like this.

"OH COME ON!" He bellowed. But she wouldn't she walked back up the beat up road they'd came down from.

Cory just gritted a bitter look and walked on. He didn't look back because he knew she wasn't going to.


the oaks said...

They would have to have a fight..too.

another skin said...

oh goodness..not those 2.

ivyoaks said...

Things are not looking good here.

ellie said...

this might be the end of everything.

thesydneygirl said...

thanks for your comment! have a great week ahead :) X

Sara Lynn said...

wow big fight :( I hope they work it out.

Anonymous said...

Oh not good :(

E.L. said...

Definitely, looks like trouble.

DFF said...

Just one little thing can be massive.