Monday, October 25, 2010

getting back to where you once belonged

Benny had been ridiculed enough by his laughing little sisters who still made fun of Ali behind her back. He didn't need the same kind of shit with the band.

"I'm cool with it, really." Spencer told Benny. Perhaps they were talking again. "She, she can, you know, maybe uh, help out with refreshments or you know, get the first aid kit ready, just in case somebody gets hurt, you know." They'd never had anybody do anything like that. If you got cut, you bled.

"All right." Benny was still cold. But it looked like Ka-Rad and Spencer were the real deal now. They'd practically remodeled the whole place. Even padded the basement walls for a better sound to keep in the basement. Benny was a little shocked.

It felt like getting back on a bicycle again. The sound check took forever. Benny had to wonder if they'd ever get this jam session to going. Naturally, Casey was late. Cory already had the music together. It was like nothing had changed a bit. Benny had to wonder, who was really running the band here. Was it Cory or Casey?

Ka-Rad stayed upstairs to make snacks. At least he was staying out of the way. Benny was trying his best not to get aggravated. He'd come to accept the fact that Ka-Rad was with Spencer now. It was OK. It was so hard to talk to Spencer. Maybe they really never could talk to each other.

Finally, Casey arrived, and it was as if he was mad that they hadn't started yet. "You guys, we've got to be really good for this party. You want more gigs, don't you?" Suddenly, Casey was more serious than ever.


She is Sara said...

Wow, a little shaky but looks like things are turning around :)

meg said...

Cool..maybe they'll be better than ever.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad to see things are looking up. :)