Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm the last splash

Lucy knew Cory didn't like it, but he certainly hadn't wanted her to move in with him so she'd taken over Ka-Rad's little studio apartment. The rent was so cheap. Ka-Rad continued to pay for it even if he did move in with Spencer.

"You never know, you might want to come and visit." She hadn't meant to be flirty. But he'd said it was over. He'd told her from the get go if she wanted to make it work with Cory..he'd have to be out of the picture.

But as it was, there were his pictures, everywhere.

She liked being close to him still even if they exactly weren't. It was nice to have her own little place. Of course, some of the time..she dreamed of him. She did. She couldn't help it.

It was work being with Cory. It was. Yes, he could be so good to her if everything was his way. She wanted to love him. Maybe she did. But she always had to pull him in. He wouldn't even come over to the studio. He got a bad vibe. Ka-Rad had been there.

Thus, she was a little bitter. Why hadn't Ka-Rad checked up on her like he said he would? All his time was spent with Spencer these days. It wasn't like she despised him.

"But he's my partner. He's my life. You've got Cory. You have what you want. You've got a place to dwell, someone to love. What more could you want?" Ka-Rad at least talked to her on the cell. Something else he had on his family plan.

Well, she had something on the family plan too. And it had nothing to do with cell phones or cable TV. Something inside her. Something she'd told no one about. And maybe if she were lucky, she wouldn't have too.


ellie said...

wow, is she a mistress, or what.

ayşegül said...

ofcourse she's lucky..good sunday :))