Thursday, October 21, 2010

its that time again

"What the fuck are you doing?" Casey just didn't get it. Had Benny taken up with that fat dwarf of a girl. She was with him everywhere.

"Why the fuck do you care?" Benny didn't give him any satisfaction. He kept him guessing.

"Look," Casey rolled his eyes. He'd found them both in the snack aisle down at the grocery store. "I got us a gig for Halloween. Just some girl's Halloween party, but she'll pay us 500 bucks for the show. You think we can pull it off?" This was serious. Who cared if that chick looked vaguely familiar to him. He caught himself staring, but he didn't mean to as he hugged himself.

"Sure. Why not." Benny didn't flinch.

"You think Cory and Spence are in?" Casey looked back  at Benny who had a boxs of Kraft noodle dinners in his arms.

"Is it really necessary." Benny thought they could do it without them. White Stripes were just dandy with the two. More and more bands were not that big, anymore.

"Yes, I need them. I have to have Cory." Casey was certain of it.

"Spencer probably can't even find his keyboard these days." Benny told him.

"I need Spence's basement. He's great, Benny, and you know it." Spencer was well needed for the next gig. Casey was getting them together, or else.


Holly said...

Casey would be upset.

ellie said...

Here they go again.

meg said...

Casey is a little bossy, maybe. He's interesting.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Good grief; it's as if they go around in circles. :/

better days said...

boy drama.

simon and josh said...

Casey and Benny would have to fuss about this.

so jade said...

hopefully, they'll all get it together.