Tuesday, October 19, 2010

where are they now

Sarah was in love. It had been such a comfort to be with Cameron. They'd played hide and seek from Ste for the most part.

Perhaps, it were the secrets that just made this its finest moments. She loved running away with Cameron. Of course, those were so short and in between. But finally, they'd settled on being together for good. Maybe it was going to the beach that made it true. Licked up in the big waves. Laughing in the sun and wind. She felt as if Cameron's smile was her smile now. Really, they did love to travel.

"Lets take Europe by storm." Cameron told Sarah there on the beach in her arms. "We could back pack across Europe."

Sarah couldn't think of anyone else she'd rather be with.

"And you'll break up with Ste for good then?" Sarah knew it should be that way. In her head, it would be a kick-ass moment. They'd leave him for dead in a motel room, somewhere. Well, maybe it wouldn't be quite that bad.

A lot of good he did for the Freaknoids. Did he even give them a chance for a record deal? Of course, not. It was time for the band to call it quits. Casey, wasn't exactly bending over backwards to make the band have a life. It was like the party was over, and Sarah hadn't the time to question him now. She just wanted to be with Cameron.

Forget this world of work and pain. Just go. Start a new life with Cameron, somewhere else. Sarah kept thinking.

But it was awful quiet. Just the waves hitting the surf. This was not a new life, was it? This was the game they both knew. It was getting old. Why did it have to suffice? These little get-aways.

A tear slipped from Sarah's left eye. Cameron would never leave Ste, would she? What the fuck made him so damn special?


meg said...

Poor Sarah.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I feel horrible for Sarah. :(

simon and josh said...

I thought things were perfect for them.

ellie said...

So sad about this.

molly said...

Really hope things get better for her.

better days said...

Maybe things will get better.

ayşegül said...

she must be more stable now poor gırl :((