Sunday, October 17, 2010

a delishious ending

Once things swelled up with anguish, happiness might find them. It felt like that in the ocean of life. Ka-Rad supposed.

Spencer lost his Grammy at sea. It was a haunting time. But after all, it was just he and Gram. His mother had ran off to Canada with a biker. She didn't know him anymore. Spencer supposed it might have been her various drug addiction that had made such a wall between them. And when he called her about the news, she hung up on him when she found out who was calling.

Of course, Ka-Rad was by Spencer's side. Through all of it. He'd helped Spencer get into Art school. It seemed being all alone now, paid off. A scholarship too. He really was a smart fellow and Ka-Rad was really proud of him. He was doing so well in his classes now, and they'd made his Gram's house into a home. There home.

"You sure you don't think I'm a gold-digger?" Ka-Rad had steady work down at the salon. He was even going to be in a hair show. Things were looking up even if he'd spent weeks consoling Spence, building him up, hoping he knew he was a ray sunshine who could make it in this cold harsh world.

"Of course not." They were in the middle of pulling up that nasty carpet. After all, it was golden, underneath. A beautiful hard wood floor.  Hopefully, soon they'd have new windows in before winter set in. It would be their home. It would be wonderful.

Ka-Rad didn't think of Lucy. He guessed she'd made up with Cory. He tried not to understand it. He didn't dare ask her anything, anymore. He was with Spencer. The little tour was over now and maybe the band broke up. Maybe it was over. At least Ka-Rad hoped so.


molly said...

Sounds like he's really in love with Spencer. I hope.

ellie said...

He's definitely moving on. And I think they are both good for each other. Spencer and Ka-Rad.

She is Sara said...

I loved this post, I really like how positive things are for them both :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Love is in the air - or so it seems. :)

better days said...

I do love them together. I hope Lucy won't break them apart.