Friday, October 15, 2010

before the lights are out

How could he make this better for Lucy? Cory had thought about it over and over. Did he have that kind of luck to make it so? He wanted to be the best boyfriend ever. But he knew it wasn't enough. Evidently. He couldn't ask her to move in with him. What could he do?

Cory touched her face now. He knew her lips even if they were so harsh. Not like the first time when they kissed. She seemed as if she'd been through a horrific ordeal.

"Did he hurt you?" He whispered in her ear. Of course, who ever had. It was painful to know the real truth. But just how far did the truth go?

Cory was close to her now. His hands on her waist. His lips touching her forehead. Then her nose. Finally her bad lip. It pained him to see her so distressed now. Not at all that fresh faced girl with the sunny smile.

"Who?" She winced.

Of course, she's damaged. It was just..could he say it. Did her Dad sexually abuse her? Was she completely damaged?

"Oh." She finally looked into his eyes then. "No. He was just mad. Mad that I was having fun, you know. Out with my friends. Spending all his money. That kind of thing."

Cory nodded. He hoped it was the truth. They kissed then, so slowly. She unbuttoned his jeans then as they kissed. She'd never taken it quite that far. Ever. Cory didn't know what to say. He guessed he understood. They were on the bed before he knew it. He felt so warm and it wasn't at all like he expected. She seemed destined to know where this was going and what she wanted. And he was under her. Her skirt still on. Her shirt too. But still she was ready for him. It was as if she were ready for a quick exit. The lights still on his room. But it was happening. So naturally and without a concern in the world.

Cory felt he was watching from afar, some how. She kissed any concerns he had as she made the thought of real sex disappear. It was as if she planned to be here, for awhile. Lucy would be here as long as it took. But Cory got a little nervous. He'd never done this before. He felt her hands on his chest. Suddenly, he found himself sucked into something he couldn't get out of. Maybe she really did know what she was doing? He closed his eyes. He didn't want to know how. He really didn't want to know. Because this was the beginning of something so amazing, he felt his heart beat throb. He thought he might break. She bit at his bottom lip as the intensity grew. He looked up into her face then. His eyes wet. Cory wondered if she got paid to do things like this.


ellie said...

Oh wow, she's definitely moving in and down right manipulative.

ori said...

Lucy is so much not like she was in the beginning.

molly said...

She's crazy. I'm beginning to think.

ayşegül said...

ı'm becoming angry to her :P
get a good weekend..:))