Sunday, October 31, 2010

getting the party started

After that mediocre rehearsal at Spencer's  Sarah was pretty sure the boys would suck that night at that Halloween birthday party. The kicker was, it wasn't at a girl's house, but at this closed down club next to the tattoo parlor.

True the place looked scary enough with real cob webs. The bar wasnt' even running, yet there was plenty of beer and sodas. And a huge amount of kids. College kids too. Sarah looked around. She was in shock. This many people here to see the Freaknoids.

"I so loved them over the summer." This one chick said. Sarah figured it had to do with Casey. He'd probably made out with her.

"No, seriously, its the sexy drummer. He's hot." The girl was all giggly about Benny.

Sarah couldn't help but choke on a smile.

"Do you know if he ever hooked up with the keyboard player?" The girl wanted to know then.

Sarah just winced. How did people know or even want to know about their personal lives. But then the girl explained she liked boys who liked boys.

Sarah really didn't want to know all this. Would this chick ever shut up? People were getting drunk by the minute here. And Casey and the boys powered up with their sound. People were jumping, dressed up like demons and devils and bad little angels.

And then Sarah looked up and saw her. Motorcycle girl.


ayşegül said...

happy halloween..:))

good sunday xx

meg said...

WOW..about motorcycle girl.

ellie's nanowrimo said...

wow, the last person I expected!

Please support me with feedback on my new undertaking.


ellie said...

What a Halloween party!

Holly said...

Now that's a party.

ellie's nanowrimo said...

Thank you Ivy..this feels like pressure.

Cafe Fashionista said...

You never know what surprises Halloween will bring!! :P

She is Sara said...

Motorcycle girl looks awesome!!